Undead World Tier List (April 2024)

Undead World Tier List April 2024: In the list below, we’ve included every hero that can be played in Undead World: Hero Survival right now. despite how uncommon they are. The list lacks generic heroes since doing so would be futile. You will never put them to use, and in all likelihood, you will demolish them as soon as you get your hands on them.

Undead World Tier List
Undead World Tier List

About: Undead World Characters List

The Undead World is a fantastic survival strategy role-playing game that combines a novel art style with accessible and enjoyable gameplay. In order to defeat the hordes of zombies, you must assemble a team of powerful heroes, give them weapons, and send them into battle. You must defend the game world from the forces of the undead apocalypse.

But who should you pick to fill that roster slot? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a tier list for Undead World that ranks the strongest heroes in each class, such as Tank, Support, AoE, Melee, and Ranged.

Undead World Characters List

HelenA top performer in Undead World: Hero Survival, Helen may restore health to allies and return as a zombie to inflict devastating damage on foes upon their death.
AstraAs a support unit, Astra is among the best heroes in Undead World thanks to her abilities to restore her dead companions to life and grant them temporary buffs. He may also reduce his foes’ attack power.
ConorConor is a third-tier unit with many useful abilities, such as increased defences, high health, the ability to counterattack, stun, and more.
GabrielGabriel is an offensive tank character with a variety of useful abilities, including a taunt effect, a protection buff/HP shield, a self shield/HP heal, and more.
TanyaTanya is an offensive unit that can inflict a good amount of DMG on the enemies.
MurrayAn additional offensive unit, Murray has the ability to do high amounts of damage and possess CC effects on the opposition.
Meredith Meredith can grant shields to allies and boost the DEF.
BritneyAnother strong offensive option, Britney can deal a lot of damage to enemy units.
LeighLeight can restore the HP of allies. 
NadeemNadeem is a support unit with healing skills and utilities that buff allies. 
TylerTyler is a DPS unit with a good amount of DMG output.
HenryHenry is an offensive unit with good performance during the battle.
SamSam is a DPS unit with good AoE DMG output and self-boosting skills.
RockRock is an offensive character that excels in inflicting DMG over time. 
KieranKerian is a DPS unit that can inflict good DMG; Bleed DMG, Stun, etc. 
LitaLita is a support unit that can boost the CRIT and ATK of allies.
AbigailAbigail is a tier 1 defender unit. 
JonesJones; average defender. 
CadyCady is a tier 2 unit. 
NilsNot worthy.
WebsterTier 2

Finding More Dead Characters in the Real World

Canteens on Undead World are where players can buy money, recruitment tickets, and faction recruiting tickets to use toward hiring new heroes. The second chapter of the main story unlocks access to this area.

Copies of a character you already have can be cast, and then merged to form a new, enhanced version with higher rarity and stats, much like the constellations in Genshin.

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Final Words

We’ve included a detailed Undead World Tier List here so you can pick the perfect zombie for your party. We also include all applicable Factions and Global Bonuses. We go over a hero tier list for the Undead World, ranking each class of hero, and share our advice on ending the zombie plague once and for all. Undead World is a fantastic game that can be obtained from the Google Play store with no effort.

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