How to change unit classes in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Alter Unit Classes in Fire Emblem Engage: Fire Emblem Engage offers players a rich experience through its intricate systems. One way of achieving this is through social stratification – an effective strategy for changing unit classes.

The player can switch the class of any unit in the game at any time. They have the power to alter their knights and rogues roles for added advantage in battle.

In Fire Emblem Engage, going to Somniel and pressing the plus button allows players to change classes. This brings up the main menu where you may click “Inventory” for access to this option. However, in order for players to successfully switch unit classes they must first meet certain requirements.

How to change unit classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Minimum Requirements to change unit classes in Fire Emblem Engage

  • Fire Emblem Engage offers two levels of unit class customization: beginner and expert.
  • Start at the Basic level. Your units can only advance to the Advanced stage after reaching level 20.
  • Keep in mind that your unit class’s level will return to 1 when you upgrade from Basic to Advance tier. Your character is already powerful, but now is the time to focus on moving up one notch.
  • Before changing classes, three prerequisites must be fulfilled: seals, weapon skills and unit level.

Unit Level Change

You must be proficient to switch classes. Base classes don’t require any level requirements, meaning you can switch a units base class without any restriction on advancement.

Before moving up to an advanced class, you must reach level 10 in your base class.

Level 10 Axe Fighter is required to become a Berserker. Once you reach this level, you can promote your basic class unit to advanced. Therefore, its important to select all unit classes before making your selection.

Weapon Proficiency Requirements

You must meet weapon proficiency requirements to upgrade your unit’s class from Berserker to Berserk. Axe mastery is necessary for this position, while emblem bonding increases weapon proficiency – train in Somniel’s Arena with that Emblem!

Seals Requirements

Fire Emblem Engage offers two seal types. Master Seal, required to advance in your basic class; “Second Seal”.

These seals enable you to switch units between base and higher classes during multiple game battles. At Somniel Plaza, these items can be purchased from the Item Shop for 2500 gold each for Master and Second Seals.

How to change unit classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers players the chance to customize units classes by using eithers a master seal or great master seal. You can obtains these items through various means, such as completing missions or buying them from merchants.

  • Once you have a seal
  • go to the “Monastery” menu and select “Class Change.
  • Then select the unit you wish to change and choose its new class.

Be mindful that some classes may have prerequisites, such as reaching a certain level or possessing certain skills; make sure the unit meets those criteria before trying to alter its class.

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