Mechanical glove terraria | Best Melee Build in Terraria

Mechanical glove terraria :With the many obstacles and bosses players face when playing, it is crucial to have effective and powerful weapons and other accessories throughout the play. This is where an excellent melee build is introduced into the picture, making everything easy for players. It doesn’t matter if it’s battling bosses or taking on the obstacles that the game throws towards you. Having a well-constructed melee is the ideal method to win the game.

This guide is for you. Today we’ll go over the top melee building strategy in Terraria 1.4.4 to ensure you can pinpoint the ideal build strategy significantly easier. You’ve probably scoured the internet to find a comprehensive guide on building a decent melee build for the game. If you’re still in search of one, then you’re at the right spot. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the top melee-based build in Terraria 1.4.

Mechanical glove terraria | Best Melee Build in Terraria 1.4

Best Melee Build in Terraria | Mechanical glove terraria


The most effective weapon ideal for filling the most effective melee build in Terraria 1.4.4 is the Legendary Zenith. It is also possible to select Meowmere and Star Wrath If you’re in search of a different one. The Legendary Zenith can be constructed using Meowmere, Influx Waver, Starfury, Terra Blade, Bee Keeper, Enchantment Sword, The Horseman’s Blade, Seidler, Star Wrath, and Copper Shortsword.


To get the most effective melee-based build in Terraria 1.4.4, we recommend using the Solar Armor to complement Zenith the Legendary Zenith. It is possible to make this Solar Armor from 45 Solar Fragments and 36 Luminite Bars.


Then, we’ve got the tools that will make the most effective melee build for Terraria 1.4.4. They include:

  • menacing warrior emblem Random drop that you can mine from the Wall of Flesh
  • Menacing Destroyer Emblem: Craftable item from the Avenger Emblem and Eye of the Golem
  • Menacing Avenger Emblem is a craftable item that comes with the class emblem five souls of Might, 5 Soul of Sight and five Souls of Fright.
  • Metal Menacing Glove: Craftable item that features the Avenger Emblem, as well as the Power Glove
  • Afflicting Fire Gauntlet: Craftable item using the Magma Stone and Mechanical Glove
  • The menacing Celestial Shell: Craftable item using Celestial Stone, the Moon Shell and Celestial Stone
  • The menacing smell of putrid: Random drop that you can harvest from Corrupt Mimic

In summarising our guide, we’ll conclude that the Legendary Zenith as a weapon, The Solar Armor, as well as the other items listed above, provide the best melee build available in Terraria 1.4.4. 

The items listed above that are required to make crafting tools can be found at the Tinkerer’s Workshop in the game. However, we hope that following the above guide has provided you with some helpful information and guidance. We would appreciate your feedback via the comment section below if you have additional questions.

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