Fire Emblem Engage: What You Need to Know and More

Fire Emblem: Engage: For 1000 years before the events of Fire Emblem: Engage, the four kingdoms worked together with heroes from other worlds (previous Fire Emblem games) to imprison the Fell Dragon beneath the continent of Elyos. Since you became Alear, the Divine Dragon, just as the darkness was about to wake up again, you now have the power to bring the heroes from all the realms together and seal the chaotic dragon again.

Fire Emblem Engage: What You Need to Know and More

Fire Emblem Engage: What You Need to Know and More

Like previous Fire Emblem games, Engage will feature a varied cast of unique characters that can be raised up and tailored in turn-based strategy combat. The precise tile-based combat and a hub area for socialising will take up your time. We’ll return to the Somniel, a floating fortress in Engage, where this non-combat area is based. Let’s charge in.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon altered the Weapon Triangle, a rock-paper-scissors dynamic of weapon perks, but the En-gage reboot brings it back. 3 houses. Axes are better than spears, spears better than swords, and blades better than axes.

Using the weapon triangle to harm the enemy prevents them from counterattacking. Bows, swords, and magic books outside the triangle can be broken by sheer force. Weapon longevity is also gone in Fire Emblem Engage.

You own a weapon forever whether you find it or buy it. A team may spend less time on supplies and more time battling and making allies.

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