PlayStation may soon announce third-party content

PlayStation may soon announce third-party content: Insider Gaming says that the mysterious Twitter account @insider wtf, which has revealed big news like the Burning Shores expansion for Horizon: Forbidden West and the release date for Final Fantasy XVI, has resurfaced with news that an announcement about new third-party content is coming soon. While we don’t always publish on rumors and leaks, the fact that The Snitch has been a trustworthy leaker so far gives this a lot of weight.

PlayStation third-party content

PlayStation may announce third-party content

The Snitch claims they have heard from a “trusted source” that PlayStation is planning to announce “3rd party stuff” very soon. This might refer to a variety of things, including a new State of Play presentation. With the release dates of many upcoming PlayStation-exclusive and non-exclusive titles still up in the air and persistent rumors persisting about games like the oft-rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, it might be quite the spectacle whenever it arrives.

PlayStation’s last showcase, September’s State of Play, included a variety of first- and third-party games, including God of War Ragnarok, Tekken 8, and Like A Dragon: Ishin.

The Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct is scheduled for May 26.

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