Need for Speed Unbound leaks: Most elegant NFS in 15 years

Need for Speed Unbound leaks: Just one day before Electronic Arts is scheduled to announce the next Need for Speed on YouTube, Japanese blog Neowing released photographs showing the title—Need for Speed Unbound—and an unexpected “street art” look.

The photos became viral on Reddit, but the Neowing website is still online, so we can learn more about the game. Google-translated: “Beat the time, outwit the police, and participate in weekly qualifiers for The Grand.” Fill your garage with bespoke machinery, wear your own style, and light up the streets with a global soundtrack.

Need for Speed Unbound leaks: Unsurprisingly, multiplayer will be important “Go to gatherings and wear limited edition products from the newest styles. Add distinctive wraps and cut-outs to your vehicle’s appearance to fit your renowned custom automobile, then win races with your winning posture.”

The ad describes the game’s look: “Need for Speed combines street art with realistic automobiles to create a new visual style for graffiti.

history.” The soundtrack features hip-hop musicians A$AP Rocky and AWGE and original music by French composer, producer, and DJ Brodinski.

Need for Speed Unbound leaks
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Need for Speed Unbound leaks: Confirmed by EA

Need for Speed Unbound leaks: Electronic Arts confirmed the title and new look:
My response to the leaked photographs was “no thanks,” but Need for Speed subreddit seems enthusiastic. Redditor DiamondScythe said the work is “bold and brave.” “I’m delighted NFS is once again a genre pioneer instead of imitating Forza Horizon with police. We’ll see whether the players like it, but at least they tried something fresh.”

asteroidblues said, “Ok, that’s better than I thought.” “Don’t know why leakers called it ‘anime style,’ it seems more urban/graffiti and Into The Spider-Verse inspired to me.”

“Surprised how wonderful this anime looks,” artem0n wrote. “Still don’t like the smoke effects, but the characters seem fantastic. I anticipated much worse.”

“Holy crap, that art style SLAPS,” Muckymuh said.
I’m not persuaded by the new appearance, but I’m not in Unbound’s target demographic (I’m elderly), so that’s to be anticipated. More importantly, it’s unclear how the game will appear in motion, so the leaked photographs may be a benefit for EA. Tomorrow is a Need for Speed unveiling, but now we know it’s trying something different—and possibly fascinating.

Need for Speed Unbound leaks: Criterion and Codemasters have vast expertise producing racing games, so Unbound may handle well despite its aesthetic flair. Geraghini stated, “Forza and GT have realistic visuals covered. Why not be outrageous?”

Need for Speed Unbound is listed as coming out on December 2, although that’s uncertain. The entire revelation, which may include the release date, is slated for October 6 at 11 ET on YouTube.

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