Ghoulia Yelps: Appearance, Personality and Remarks

Ghoulia Yelps: A multi-purpose character, Ghoulia Yelps was first presented in 2010. She is the undead little sister of Monster High’s brightest student, Moan’ica Yelps, and the school’s top brainiac. Ghoulia was a shy introvert until Cleo de Nile took her under her wing and encouraged her to branch out. Since then, they’ve become inseparable, with Cleo trusting Ghoulia more than almost anybody else.

Ghoulia Yelps

About: Ghoulia Yelps

When not with Cleo, Ghoulia spends most of her time with zombies like Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch and Don Ofdadead. Whenever Ghoulia isn’t reading, writing, or drawing her own comics, she’s probably learning, inventing, or experimenting. She cosplays as her OC, Ms. Dead Fast, who is based on the character from Dead Fast, and uses the identity MHMissDeadFast when she plays video games online. Ghoulia writes for the Gory Gazette as the paper’s go-to Nekrocon reporter due to her expertise in the comic book industry.

Ghoulia Yelps: Appearance

Ghoulia has long, light-blue hair with dark-blue streaks and pale grey skin, and she walks with a sway. A green headband adorns her head. Her light blue hair is matched by her equally pale blue eyes. From time to time, she would wear a scrunchie in a bright color to pull her hair back into a high ponytail. In keeping with her serious demeanor, she accessorizes with nerdy accessories including horn-rimmed “nerd” glasses, a silver chain necklace featuring a pendant shaped like a zippier, and deep pink earrings that resemble zippiers. (Because she is a monster, her spectacles have horns instead of regular frames, hence the term “horn-rimmed”).

The color red lipstick is a staple in her beauty routine. She struggles to convey emotion through her faces and stands in unnatural ways as a result of her zombie ancestry. Similarly, her eyelids flicker separately rather than simultaneously. Her getup consists of an off-the-shoulder, black-and-white striped shirt that ends halfway below the elbows, a white cherry-printed tank top with red straps over it and a Monster High logo in the center, fishnet gloves that begin at the elbows and end at the palms, red and black polka-dotted capris with black straps around the thighs, a piano belt around the waist with the same logo on the belt buckle, and black knee-high Converse sneak.


Ghoulia is shown as a smart, savvy, timid, overworked, and bashful young lady. All of her classmates at Monster High agree that she is the most intelligent girl there because of how much time she spends reading and thinking. In spite of the widespread prejudice towards zombies, she reveals in her diary that her best friend is Cleo de Nile. However, Cleo’s cleverness often makes Ghoulia upset. Webisodes like “Copy Canine” and “Cleo Tells Clawdeen to Copy from Ghoulia” and “Cleo Steals Her Science Project” are prime examples.


  • As the official scorekeeper for in-house casketball games, Ghoulia keeps tabs on the action. Ghoulia’s ultimate goal in life is to get a visitors card to the Library of Alexandria so that she can travel through time there. Both her and Spectra’s ages are given in “monster years,” which are not used by any other monsters.
  • Ghoulia is unable to perform acrobatics.
  • If Ghoulia wanted to, she could put out a banshee-like shriek that would break glass, just like she has on occasion.
  • Ghoulia claims to be an only child in the first book, but towards the end of the fourth book, Back and Deader Than Ever!, we learn that she has an elder sister named Moan’ica Yelps.
  • Instead of producing zombie-like groaning noises, Sir Hoots a Lot translates Ghoulia’s thoughts in “Monster High Life Is Amazing!”
  • Since she was born on July 25, she is a Leo.
  • For some reason, Ghoulia was left out of the Higher Deaducation commercial.
  • Julia Phelps, who helped create the concept for Monster High, inspired the name Ghoulia.

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