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Panromantic Flag: People who can feel romantic feelings for anyone, no matter what their sex or gender identity is, are called “panromantic.” This is the same as being pansexual.

Panromantic Community Flag

On May 24, people all over the world celebrate Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness Day.

Panromantic Flag


Both pansexuality and panromanticism involve being attracted to everyone, no matter what gender they are. The main difference between the two is that pansexuality means being sexually attracted to people of all genders, while panromanticism means being romantically attracted to people of all genders. People who are panromantic may or may not feel sexual attraction to the genders they are interested in for a relationship. Because sexual attraction and romantic attraction don’t always go together, a person doesn’t have to be pansexual to be panromantic and vice versa.


There are subtle distinctions between a biromantic and a panromantic orientation. If you’re a panromantic, you’re attracted to people regardless of their gender, but if you’re a biromantic, you’re attracted to people of two or more genders. In addition, biromantics may only be interested in pursuing a romantic connection with members of a particular gender, while panromantics are willing to date anyone.

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Panromantic Flag

For example, Mod Hermy of the DeviantArt account Pride-Flags designed a panromantic pride flag in which a heart made of lighter versions of the stripes in the pansexual flag colors (magenta, yellow, and blue) is at the flag’s center.


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