SIMS FREEPLAY CHEATS 2024: Money Heck Unlimited

SIMS FREEPLAY CHEATS: Exploiting tricks is key for speedy progress in any game that interests you, such as The Sims Freeplay. Cheats in The Sims FreePlay can significantly speed up and simplify gameplay; if speed-boosting has been on your mind, this post might offer helpful insight – keep reading as this could just be what is necessary!

Here I will present some of the top cheats and tips for The Sims FreePlay without trying to sell fake generators – instead I will present straightforward solutions that won’t rip you off!

About Sims Freeplay Cheats Now

EA Mobile’s The Sims Freeplay game is highly rewarding for mobile device players. Blending social life simulation with strategy gameplay, this unique mix offers them control of digital persona they create – everything happens just like real life; although some may find its real time nature frustrating; for this reason cheat codes offer one way for The Sims Freeplay players to progress quicker through its levels more rapidly.



Arrange all of your Sims together, then give the device a hard shake – this may cause them to fall ill, possibly leading them to vomit as a result!

Simply stated, giving your Sims access to a coffee machine will reduce how long they spend sleeping. An espresso can restore approximately one third of their “Energy” bar while being prepared and consumed within 30- 10 seconds.

If you need something fast to curb hunger, grab one from the refrigerator. Give yourself between 30-10 seconds.

Electronic correspondence offers a quick way to satisfy our need for pleasure quickly, saving both time and energy along the way.

If you want something relaxing yet stimulating to keep yourself occupied while also saving time by expanding Sim criteria more quickly, try watching a news program while dancing to some music and keeping fit while watching television news coverage of local news reports. Doing this may provide greater enjoyment while saving precious minutes spent increasing Sim criteria criteria.

When the bladder bar has become completely empty, sim should be given instructions to urinate on themselves.

Hand washing typically only requires 15 to 5 seconds compared with 30 seconds for rinsing (1 minute 30 seconds).

Simply making another Sim laugh out loud for 10 seconds will satisfy the “Social” metre in full.


In order to move in a total of four Sims, you will need to spend $5,000. I know a secret that will allow you to add a new Sim for free, therefore I’ll assist you save that money. To learn more, do as I’ve outlined here.

  1. The first thing you need to do is change the ‘Relationship status’ to ‘Partner’ for the male and female Sims you’ve already relocated.
  2. Second, head over to the other Sim’s residence, select Construction, and then sell off every available room.
  3. The third step is to tear down the house.
  4. Fourth, after that, it will cost less to add a new Sim to an existing household.
  5. I think that covers everything. This allows you to put aside virtual cash for later use.

If you Need More Information Unlimited Heck : Sims Freeplay Cheats Unlimited Money 2024


Simoleons, the in-game currency, are widely used for purchasing valuable things within the game and beyond it. While acquiring them within gameplay may seem simple enough, outside it things move slowly compared to when doing things through other methods such as following instructions here or gaming outright a lot faster! I will reveal an easy strategy which will enable you to rapidly acquire Simoleons within no time at all if all follows as planned!

Start out by joining a boat party for this game.

  • Once logged into, to acquire NBRs you need to exit and reenter your boat – they may be located close to where Simoleons can be found on top.
  • Step three requires traveling to either an existing house or vacant lot in your neighborhood.
  • Once in the store, head straight for the tab that contains an NBR image.
  • Select products available for purchase from different stores near where you reside; the cost will depend upon those living close by.
  • Make multiple purchases and strategically position them throughout the property (house or empty lot).
  • Once all prior steps have been accomplished, move onto Step 7 in order to collect all items for inventory purposes and put them together into your list.
  • Step two is to log off of Facebook using your sims.
  • Finalize this process by selling them at the property you recently acquired.
  • That covers it well – this method will yield large sums of Simoleons very quickly!


It’s not always clear how to get money in The Sims Freeplay. Here are two easy strategies I’ve discovered for making money quickly in the game. Just stick to the guidelines provided for each option.

Method 1

  • Visit the kids shopping store.
  • Pick the stuff aimed to kids under 13.
  • Look for the record player and karate mat.
  • Select the bins by clicking on them.
  • Go on back to your Sims’ home now.
  • Don’t hesitate to sell every last one.
  • I think that covers everything. Making money in this way is simple and fast.

Method 2

  • Visit the kids shopping store.
  • Pick out some stuff from the toddler department.
  • Investigate the swing set and sandbox.
  • Select the stacks to proceed.
  • Go on back to your Sims’ home now.
  • Don’t hesitate to sell every last one.


At The Sims Freeplay, the most frustrating aspect for players is undoubtedly time. Due to its real-time nature and real-time interactions, each interaction delays each other significantly – therefore learning time cheats for The Sims Freeplay is key! Let’s go over them now.

Method 1

  • Disable “Automatic Date & Time” from your Android/iPhone/iPad settings.
  • Step two is to begin engaging in any aspect of the game.
  • Save and close out of the game to safeguard your progress.
  • Switch back into Preferences mode, and set the clock according to when your task will be completed.
  • Simply restart the game to witness your hard work paying off!
  • That should cover everything. Cheating can help speed the game along much more rapidly.

Method 2

  • Start playing and begin construction, cooking, gardening or any other project of interest (i.e. cooking a dish from scratch etc).
  • Go directly to game save and stop.
  • Remove yourself from the web (Mobile Data or WiFi).
  • Set your Android, iPhone or iPad clock for when the task should be finished.
  • Simply launch the game and remain at its main menu until the “Unable to connect” message appears.
  • Now, please verify your Internet connection is active before selecting Retry button.
  • Hold off on starting the game until your job has been accomplished.

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