Paris Baguette Restaurants in USA, What is Paris Baguette?

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Paris Baguette Restaurants SPC Group owns the international network of bakeries. It was founded as a division of Shani Co., Ltd. in 1986, and it built its first “Paris Baguette” in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, and its first “Paris Croissant” high-end bakery in Itaewon the following year. The corporate name was modified to reflect the brand name.
The franchise brand founded in 1988, became into Korea’s top bakery in 2004 after establishing regional affiliates in the US, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. It became a multinational corporation by founding the Brand.

Franchises of Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette Restaurants in USA

Paris Baguette

Paris Croissant debuted the well-known bakery café franchise brand Paris Baguette in 1988. The business operated 99 outlets in the United States and more than 3,600 retail locations in South Korea as of May 2023. Additionally, PB opened about 185 retail locations in France, Singapore, China, and Vietnam.

Caffè Pascucci

Caffè Pascucci has locations in 25 countries. Pascucci Torrefazione S.p.a. is based in Monte Cerignone, Italy. KF Teuta Durrs is sponsored by Caffè Pascucci.

  • The first branch in the US opened in 2011.
  • SPC Group is in charge of managing South Korean sites.

Other Franchises

LINA’s and Tamati (sandwich), Passion5 (upscale dessert gallery), and L’atelier (café restaurant) are more Paris Croissant franchisees. It also manages the Jamba Juice branch in Korea (smoothie).

Paris Baguette Restaurants in USA

There are a lot of PB Restaurants in USA and lot more are going to open soon, you can enjoy your food by ordering online or by dining in.

Paris Baguette USA Official Site

Click the link below which is the official site of Paris Baguette USA, you can Check the nearest Paris Baguette Restaurants from your location

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