How to Use fataltotheflesh game Website in 2023


Fatal To The Flesh is a virtual reality platform that provides real-world simulation activities with visual outputs to help those who are considering self-harm keep their minds occupied and diverted. In 2004, Rafael Rozendaal created the website fataltotheflesh game. The goal was to provide those who are depressed and contemplating self-harm with an option.

Visitors may use the site’s games as a non-threatening way to release pent-up emotions.

Then, let’s investigate this page further to find out what causes death to the flesh.


What is the fatal-to-the-flesh game?

  • Those who visit will be met with a blank white screen.
  • As with the human body, the blank page may be thought of as the outside.
  • It’s possible for cuts to occur on the page when the user scrolls or touches the screen (on a tablet or smartphone).
  • These represent, metaphorically, the appearance of cuts on actual flesh.
  • More and more holes form as the user continues to move the pointer around the display.
  • Once a cut is made, a red line forms and blood begins to trickle, much as it would if a genuine cut were made on the skin.
  • So, this website lets you make markings on a white background to simulate bloody wounds.
  • In any case, keep in mind that, the Fatal To The Flesh website, is not a self-harm promotion site but rather an alternative to self-harm.
How to Use fataltotheflesh game Website in 2022

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The only individuals who can benefit from this are currently experiencing adversity.

  • When users are feeling the need to engage in self-harming behaviour, the site’s activities provide a distraction in the form of a stimulation game.
  • It is hoped that this site will serve as a safe space for people to talk about their experiences without fear of reprisal or isolation.
  • Rather than feeling helpless in the face of a blank page, players of fataltotheflesh game may channel their emotions via the site’s stimulation game.

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Fatal To The Flesh Website

The website shows cuts in real time, creating the illusion that the blood spurting from them is genuine. The goal is to discourage others from indulging in similar acts of self-harm.
Using this simulation method may help obstruct users’ emotional pathways, decreasing the likelihood that they will make decisions that put their lives in risk.
The site’s mission is to safeguard users from injuring themselves and to prevent self-harm.
This website offers an alternative to venting negative emotions by physically damaging bodily tissues: a blank sheet of paper that may stand in for the human form.
The cuts look more realistic and genuine thanks to the red marks that form after each one and the blood that drips from them. The brain receives the reward it seeks in this manner.

A Guide to Using “Fatal To The Flesh”

  • In terms of user friendliness, this website scores high marks.
  • Simply going to the website will bring up a blank white page where users may make cuts manually or automatically.
  • Mouse speed determines the depth of the cuts on the page; a fast motion will result in deep cuts, while a sluggish one would produce shallow ones.
  • The only purpose of this website is to provide an alternative to self-harm by means of a safe simulation.

Dangerous to Humans More Website Info

  • Any user who accesses the website is sent to a page that provides no information on Fatal to the Flesh and just sends them elsewhere. In addition, there are no clear explanations or guides to help newcomers.
  • The direction the mouse is moved in determines the size and placement of the resulting mark on paper.
  • The incision will be deeper and more droplets will fall out of it if the user moves the mouse more quickly.
  • The trustworthiness of this site is 67%. The fact that the site has been around for a while and is accessible through the secure HTTPS protocol is a plus. However, the judges ruled that the site’s technical data failed to identify the nation in question.
  • Website is 18 years old; domain was registered on March 8, 2004. When establishing whether or not a website is legitimate, a user’s age is taken into account.
  • No details about the website’s creators or development team are provided.

How do people feel about Fatal To The Flesh Website?

  • Many individuals find it challenging to make sense of the motivations and effects of cutting, which makes it difficult to discuss openly.
  • Those who experience this kind of hopelessness, however, are in dire need of a channel for their emotions, and this website serves that purpose.
  • The desire to self-harm, and especially to cut, may be intense, particularly at trying circumstances.
  • In an effort to help people cope with the need without resorting to harmful behaviours, Fatal To The Flesh attempts to reproduce the sensation.
  • The white, blank screen bleeds red with every click and drag.
  • Users may utilise the service to vent their negative emotions without having to internalise them.
  • The goal is to prevent suicide thoughts and behaviours in all age groups.
  • They may need medical or therapeutic assistance, but this immediately puts up a barrier.
  • The site is designed to help visitors unwind and clear their heads.
  • For those who suffer from rage, anxiety, or other mental disturbances, Fatal To The Flesh is written.
  • Some Americans have publicly expressed their dislike for this website.
  • According to them, the site encourages its users to engage in violent behaviour and presents its visitors with an unrealistic worldview.
  • Many, however, defended the site on the grounds that it promotes mental health by allowing individuals to vent their rage at the blank computer screen rather than their own flesh and blood fataltotheflesh game.

Closing Remarks

The goal of fataltotheflesh game is to make its visitors feel at ease and prevent them from taking their own lives in dangerous circumstances.


With good intentions, this may be an instant release for pent-up rage and anxiety.

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