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Rust new update come with lots of new features

Rust new update come with lots of new features :Yesterday’s update was called the Missions, and the QoL update brought a camper-load of new features and QoL fixes for players to take advantage. We’ve heard that horses are peeing more frequently than they have ever previously, which we’re thrilled to hear. Artists who work with RUST will notice that the signs will preserve their artwork when you pick them up. You can also view the artwork from your inventory. Blank symbols can now be stacked at least five on a stack and also.

For administrators with admin rights, the administration UI panel located in the F1 menu has integrated. It offers new admins a more straightforward way to perform essential administrative work on their server. This feature expected to be updated, and more options added shortly.

Another significant feature of the current update is the merger of the mission branch. The first version of the missions system offers us a few single-player and new-player style missions designed to be helpful at the beginning of the game and help refine and establish the logic of the mission system.

Rust new update come with lots of new features

These missions NPCs can all be found in safe zones and are repeatable after an initial lockout timer. We’ve developed guides for each of the 4 NPCs in the mission that that merged into the update of this month rust update:

Rust new update come with lots of new features

  • The Lumberjack Missions located within the Bandit Camp
  • It is the Hunter Missions, found at the Ranch
  • The Dive Master Missions, located in the Fishing Village
  • The Fisherman’s Missions located in the Fishing Village

Try giving these new missions a shot to find out what they’re about You could also get a brand new reward as an incentive.

Other highlights of the latest update are:

  • This new system of missions has incorporated into the release.
  • It is now possible to build the Camper Module and can made at the Level 2 bench for 175 metal fragments and 125 pieces of wood.
  • The signs now have art on them when they picked up.
  • Blank signs stack up to 5
  • It is now taking longer to open doors. You are crawling.
  • The vehicles will fall off of the cargo ship and will not slide off again.
  • A separate ADS slider is now available.
  • A new search function has added to skins.
  • Large planters are now snapping onto foundation grids and floors.
  • You’ll be able to see the item counts of the items you purchase and the inventory amount for that item.
  • Code lock autofill is an option to enter the last code that you have entered into the lock.
  • Binoculars will now begin at the lowest level of zoom the moment you first glance through them.
  • Horses are now producing the dung at a staggering speed and pile up as high as 100
  • The rowboats are now simpler to turn.
  • Drops of supply now have lighting when they drop during the dark hours.
  • The time taken to craft components of the car engine reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Holding sprint stops snapping high external plants and walls.
  • You can now put your friends to auto-turrets and also automatically authorize yourself whenever you place them.
  • Desert base monuments are now part of the stage AUX branch to allow initial views and testing.

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