Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.26 Patch Show Bug Fixes

Patch Notes of Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.26: Refined Bug Fixes and an Surprising New Face-Paint Option

Today marks the release of Horizon: Forbidden West version 1.26, which mainly addresses bugs while offering cosmetic enhancements like Mark of Pride cosmetic enhancements as an added touch. See our rundown below and let’s review what else has changed with version 1.26!

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.26 Patch

Horizon: Forbidden West patch 1.26 provides Aloy with the Mark of Pride face paint as part of her free cosmetic package, making her proudly display her tribal take on pride flag. Painters in Scalding Spear, Thornmarsh and The Bulwark all carry it too!

Horizon: Forbidden West developers are in the midst of honing its features and enhancements; many may seem minor until they directly affect you.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.21 Patch Show Bug Fixes


  • Introduced new accessibility features, including:
    • Enlarging Subtitles
    • Auto-Pickup
    • Color Blindness settings
    • Auto camera
    • Navigation assist in Focus Mode
    • Thalassophobia mode
    • Additional accessibility features


  • Hunter Merchant may or may not be present during the Main Quest “Faro’s Tomb”. We believe we have successfully resolved the potential issue here.
  • After successfully achieving “Talk to Tenakth Marshal” goal of main quest “The Embassy”, cinematic that plays after has no longer contain weapons lying about.
  • This bug has been addressed in Hekarro’s main quest, The Kulrut. As part of perfecting his pantomime performance, Hekarro became stuck behind an invisible wall, rendering him incapable of progressing forward in the quest.
  • Issues which prevented players from accessing or leaving The Base have now been addressed.
  • Kotallo no longer stands a chance of playing within The Base without him present.

Conversational devices

  • After successfully completing the optional quest “The Roots That Bind,” we decided to uphold Riverhymn town marker Horizon Forbidden West Update and maintain its existence.
  • Now it is possible to embark on the Broken Locks Errand Quest by speaking with Porguf who formerly did not provide such an opportunity.
  • Bug that allowed players to ride their ground horse into a lake during “The Deluge” has been resolved.
  • We have addressed an issue in the “Signal Spike” side quest where players were being stuck after completing “Search the Canyon for Source of Signal” task.
  • We have resolved a bug which prevented the Herbalist in Chainscrape from being interactable prior to completion of side quest “The Bristlebacks.”

international events

  • Problem with “Mine Launchers” side quest in Salvage Contracts becoming unplayable when Custom Difficulty Settings were set to Easy Loot has been fixed.
  • We addressed an issue where receiving two sets of the Oseram Artificer outfit was possible after fulfilling all Salvage Contracts in New Game Plus.
  • At Rebel Camp “Devil’s Grip,” we resolved a bug preventing players from successfully completing “Search the Command Center” after loading an earlier save game.
  • Bug fix for Rebel Camp “The Hive” objective “Destroy Weapon Caches”. After clearing all caches out, this goal did not update as intended.
  • Bug fix for Bunker Key not dropping after leaving Breached Rock rebel camp after murdering its members
  • Shadow flickering within Cauldron CHI puzzle chamber has been fixed.
  • Enhancements have been made to Machine Strike so that pieces with Sweep Skill no longer reach 255 health before dying, eliminating an earlier risk.
  • Once players had cleared out all Rebel Camps, a problem in which players became locked at 99.42% completion was resolved.
  • Time to take flight again! An issue was corrected where finishing Gauntlet Run “Cliffs of the Cry” caused players to be launched upwards upon completion, leading them into space and out into orbit.
  • Resolved an issue wherein starting a New Game+ with Ancestor’s Return weapon would prevent players from completing “Relics From Ruins.”
  • Sunken Cavern (“The Shining Wastes”) no longer causes players to become trapped underwater when exploring Oseram corpses.
  • Repair of subterranean Supply Cache in Las Vegas that had become inaccessible.
  • Subterranean Supply Cache northeast of Stillsands South Outpost has been repaired.


  • Audio Datapoints being cut short upon certain player actions has now been resolved.
  • Due to Veter’s inactivity, Audio Datapoint 37 could not be collected; however this issue has since been rectified.
  • Are the Machines Aiming Their Arrows Correctly? For battles taking place in wooded areas, we increased Dreadwing aggression levels.
  • Horizon Forbidden West Update includes new visual effects to complement Tremortusk and Thunderjaw’s “Shatter Swing” and “Laser Blast” attacks used against each other by Tremortusk and Thunderjaw respectively, adding more realistic flare to these powerful battle moves.
  • No longer is a non-functional Thunderjaw model allowed to spawn at Fall’s Edge area.
  • An issue wherein “Stalker Primary Nerve” was mistakenly listed as loot for Ravager Antenna has been addressed.
  • Problem of waypoint placement being inappropriately located within Ravager regions rather than Stalker locales when setting jobs to primary nerve Stalkers has been rectified.
  • We addressed an issue where loot from Behemoths and Apex Behemoths was incorrectly listed as “Bellowback Primary Nerve,” instead of the intended “Behemoth Primary Nerve.”
  • Sheerside Climb has addressed an issue wherein players’ flying mounts could get stuck when climbing to its peak, providing players with more efficient riding experiences.
  • Apex Shellsnapper Hearts can now be considered “Valuables to Sell,” even when used for upgrades.
  • Problem with job system not leading player towards Apex machine components has been rectified.


  • There is now no longer any projectile jittering when using a Blastsling weapon and turning the camera.
  • Correction has been made to camera such that using concentration zoom in conjunction with regular zoom no longer causes an abrupt reversal in direction.
  • Correction has been made so that Hunter Bows can now be upgraded in New Game+.
  • Corrected the issue wherein Light Arrows from Carja’s Bane Level 4 dealt too little Tear damage.
  • Update to Rain of Sparks warrior bow so its third level upgrade no longer swaps critical hit chance and multiple opponent damage benefits for one another Horizon Forbidden West Update.


  • Fast moving out of a crawlspace no longer prevents players from engaging in Melee Combat.
  • Melee damage resistance decreases from 50% to 35% at Toughened Valor Surge Level 3.
  • Now more than ever before, foragers are cultivating medicinal waterweed.
  • UI/UX
  • A bug where pressing the Reset button in Settings would disable Pickup Animation was fixed.
  • Quest Log’s Jobs option now correctly indicates which level is being addressed when listing job descriptions instead of simply reflecting “Level 1.”
  • Waypoints that had previously been placed near an inactive quest no longer remain invisible in 3D space.
  • Correction was made for out-of-sync subtitles during the opening credits.
  • Issue in Machine Catalog where unscannable machines might appear next to those which were scanned has been resolved.

effectiveness and safety

  • TAA Enhancement for PS4 and PS5’s Resolution Mode.
  • Aloy’s armour model no longer vibrates erratically while playing Balanced Mode.
  • We have resolved an issue wherein the game’s geometry would appear blurry if its introduction cutscene were skipped.

Camera Settings

Pride Flag Face Paint was introduced as a “Mark of Pride.”


  • No longer is New Game Plus capable of starting new games using Activity Cards as initiating methods rather than initiating activities intended to begin gameplay.
  • Aloy’s auto Heal option will now fully heal her after brief breaks from combat, unlike previously.
  • Problems in which players could fall through the ground or become trapped within geometry have been corrected.

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