Who is marshal animal crossing New Horizons Most Popular

Marshal Animal Crossing :The silver squirrel from earlier Animal Crossing games can be easily recognized in a pocket camp. As one of the most sought-after villages Replacing Raymond for first and second place on the list of marshals these villagers have become highly sought after.

Marshal is a squirrel villager known for his pure white fur and smug demeanor. Though not particularly friendly Marshal’s personality allows him to stand out amongst most of his peers.

Animal Crossing New Horizon series

Who is marshal animal crossing New Horizons Most Popular
Who is marshal animal crossing New Horizons Most Popular

Perhaps you have also seen an off white squirrel. It was likely Marshal and you shared a path with him. The smug squirrel villager from the Animal Crossing New Horizon series. Even though he smile he is sweet as a marsh mallow. Did I mention that this adorable little villager shares a lot of similaritie with marshmallows? It does. That may be how his name Marshal came about. It is charming, and you have to admit. Nintendo developed the Animal Crossing New Horizons social simulation game. It was launched on March 20, 2020.

New Horizons, the latest game in the Animal Crossing series, is the eighth mainseries title. Marshal is an animated character from this series. This adorable minor character is a legacy of villager from the Animal Crossing series. He is also seen in Pocket Camps. Remember him now? We’ll show you all that we know about Marshal if you don’t remember him.

Who is the Marshal in Animal Crossing New Horizons

We will cover every detail we know about Marshal in Animal Crossing – New Horizons. Keep reading to discover everything!

Where is he located?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marshal lives in a cafe-themed home with Ironwood and Cafe Set goods. His open-frame kitchen has an ironwood teapot, tiny frig, coffee grinder, espresso maker, and burner espresso machine. His home always has milk and sugar!

  • He also has an ironworktable and a low-ironwood table.
  • prefers modern wood flooring to a blue delicate-bloom wallpaper. 
  • He also changes the locations of items in his home from time to time.

Is he as cool as he seems?

Marshal may be more calm than he seems. Smug villager tend to be kind, compassionate and friendly people with other personality traits that make them a good mix. Some villagers can be mean or cranky just like any other village; Marshal will get along well with most villagers except for lazy, normal, poppy and snooty types.

What is his appearance?

Marshal, an off-white squirrel, stands out with his brass-colored fringes. We don’t know if his lavender ears and pink blush are cosmetic or natural; ask him next time you see him! His tail, paws, and swirls are also brass in color. Here he is wearing a puffy vest from New Horizons while making quite the fashion statement with his denim jacket. On rainy days he never leaves home without taking out his mint umbrella for protection.

A Few Lesser-known Facts About Marshal

Marshal was born on September 29th under the sign of Libra, making him a Libra by zodiac sign. Marshal excels at mental math and would love to become an interior designer. His favorite songs are Space KK Bosa and KK Bosa. That’s all there is to Marshal; now you can decide if he’s your friend or not; we can assure you that this squirrel has great talent for what he does!


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