Rolling Loud: After Kanye & Lil Durk took the stage Cudi left Stage

Rolling Loud: Even after dropping from the lineup only days earlier, Kanye West made an unexpected cameo appearance during Lil Durk’s set at Rolling Loud’s opening night in Miami on Friday – prompting Kid Cudi to abandon his set midway through.

Audience Hit Cudi By A Water Bottle

As social media videos initially showed, Cudi was hit in the face with a water bottle during his set. Later, we saw him threaten to end early if his audience didn’t behave themselves: I’m getting out. “If another hit hits me or another thing comes across my path on stage I will leave,” Cudi warned threateningly, insisting you shouldn’t mess with him. When fans began chanting West’s name during his performance, someone threw a water bottle directly at Cudi prompting him to drop his mic and leave.

Rolling Loud: After Kanye and Lil Durk took the stage, Kid Cudi left the stage

Cudi Replaced West at Rolling Loud

After West was forced to cancel his performance due to pressing album release obligations for Donda 2, fans demanded Travis Scott take his place as headlining act at Rolling Loud – leading one co-founder to make up a false claim that Scott could not perform due to an Astroworld crowd surge incident last year resulting in his cancellation from performing there (this despite fans pressuring organizers for Scott instead). Instead Cudi was chosen unexpectedly.

West, as is his custom, attended and even appeared onstage dressed as Lil Durk for part of his performance. Fans pointed out that Kid Cudi’s voice can be heard in part of West’s album The Life of Pablo song titled “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1,” played during that set.

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West and Cudi appear to have made this move after they had an apparent public falling-out back in February, after West criticised Cudi for being friends with Pete Davidson (Kim Kardashian is currently dating him and used to star on Saturday Night Live). According to West’s post that has since been taken down on Instagram: “Just so everyone knows, Cudi will not be on Donda because he’s friends with You know Who.”

Cudi tweeted back at West, calling him a “dinosaur,” before accusing him of lying in a series of tweets. When God opens doors in your life, the right people will leave as well, Cudi tweeted.

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