Discover the Latest Hero World Codes (April 2024) | Redeem & Unlock Rewards

Hero World Code: This page contains every Hero World code available along with instruction on how to redeem them in game. Remember some codes may only be accessible temporarily so use them quickly if you want to take advantage of all their benefits.

About the game

Venture Studios created Hero’s World, a Roblox action-adventure game. Since its release on 21 November 2020 the game has amassed over 1.8 million visitors.

Roblox can craft their characters and take them on epic quest in Hero World. You can utilise experience points to level up, improve stats and acquire new skills after finishing.

Hero’s World Codes

All Hero World Codes Roblox

HELLO!One Premium Roll
BACK!One Roll
CASH!500 Cash
VILLAIN!One free spin

Expired Heroes World Codes

Below are the expired codes which no longer work:

RELEASE!2 Rolls, 5 Premium Rolls, 500 Cash
BOSSDROP!10 Rolls, 5 Premium Rolls, 3k Cash
SHUTDOWNCODE3!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
KINGBOT4323!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
UPDATE1!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
SHUTDOWN1!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
BUGFIX!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
CHRISTMAS!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
LETSGOOOO!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
UNRIOCHIEF1!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
RYUKTON!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
CHRISTMASUPDATE2!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
SHUTDOWNCODE4!4 Rolls, 4k Cash
NAMELESS!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
UPDATE3!10 Rolls, 2k Cash
RAIDFIX!5 Rolls, 5 Premium Rolls, 2k Cash
REVAMPE1!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
KING!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
CLUTCHRolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
UPDATEEERolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
NEWBOSSESRolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
BUSON!Rolls, Premium Rolls, Cash
ICE!10 Premium Rolls
FUNNYSAM!5 Premium Rolls, 3k Cash
4500LIKES!3 Premium Rolls, 10 Rolls, 7k Cash
BARBERSHOP!Hair Color Reroll
2000LIKES!4 Rolls, 50 Cash
SORRY!Free Roll
2500LIKES!3 Rolls
3500LIKES!15 Rolls, 5 Premium Rolls, 12k Cash
NEWFADE!Hair Color Reroll
ARENA!5 Rerolls, 10k Cash
GUILDWAR!10 Rolls, 1k Cash
SUBTOKELVINGTS!10 Spins, 5 Premium Spins, 10k Cash

In Hero’s World, how do you redeem codes?

To redeem codes, follow these simple steps.

  • In Roblox open the experience.
  • Click the chatbox on the upper left.
  • To text into the chatbox, press “/” or click on it.
  • For this text field, copy or write in the above working codes.
  • To obtain your free goodies press Enter.

Final Words

The whole method of Hero World Codes command has been given above so that you may utilise the information to better grasp the topic.

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