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Naga COD: Vang can be found as an unlockable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone multiplayer modes, where he or she can be taken under player control to form part of Perseus Squad in Warsaw Pact – part of which Naga belongs.

By purchasing the Season 2 Battle Pass of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you will gain access to Naga, one of its latest operators. There are various skins for Naga to unlock during Operator Missions; an integral part of unlocking her.

About Naga In Code

The legendary Golden Triangle was once home to a warlord known as Kapano Naga Vang. He amassed his fortune through the illegal trade of firearms and illicit substances. He was born in Laos and spent his childhood there despite the country turbulent history. Because of his rage and his cruelty his troops were terrified of him, making him an excellent target for recruitment by Perseus. In order to carry out the orders given to him by his lord Naga makes use of the well established supply lines he has built in order to send WMD all over the world exacting personal retribution on those who attempt to intercept or stop his cargo.

Character NAMENaga
FACTIONWarsaw Pact
HOW TO UNLOCKPurchase the Operator Pack: Naga from the Store

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Trailer Out

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