iPhone 12: Is it worth buying now, full review

iPhone 12 takes fantastic photographs. The phone is the oldest phone in the official Apple lineup even though the iPhone 14 models are here. It’s a slightly more affordable option without the new phone’s bells and whistles. Apple has kept 2019’s phones and discounted them as cheaper alternatives, so we expect the phone to be crucial to Apple’s strategy moving forward. iOS 15 added additional functionality to the phone, and more upgrades are likely.

iPhone 12 Design

Redesigned to resemble iPhone 4 Ceramic Shield should strengthen the phone. It’s water and dust resistant (IP68) How would you define “elevated”? If something is raised, does it indicate its sides are flat and ‘industrial’?

If so, you understand the iPhone 12’s design. It’s comparable in size and design to 2019’s iPhone 11 (and a few millimetres shorter and thinner), but its edges are sharp 90-degree angles rather than convex, curving sides.

The iPhone 12 seems sharper to hold since its edges don’t sit as snuggly in your hands. After two weeks of use, we wouldn’t call it comfortable.

iPhone 12 Display

Clear 6.1-inch display. iPhone 11’s screen is better. Unlike Android alternatives, 60Hz refresh rate. The iPhone 12’s display is a major step forward for a phone of this price. In 2019, Apple determined that high-contrast OLED screens were solely for the Pro, but now the Super Retina XDR Display is on the iPhone 12.

HDR images, videos, and movies seem different.

The OLED update improves visual quality whether viewing Twitter photographs, iTunes HDR material, or Netflix.
Daily, you’ll see more excellent stuff. HDR Netflix is confined to the most costly membership tier, but even in ‘normal’ mode, pictures are brilliant, rich, and (if you’re watching nature programmes) striking.
The iPhone 12’s display is crisp, clear, and readable from all angles. Thinner bezels enable the iPhone 12 to be shorter and smaller than 2019’s version, while keeping the 6.1-inch display.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Camera

Similar tech as iPhone 11, but with improvements. Dual 12MP rear cameras. The front camera is 12MP. The iPhone 12 has the same wide camera (which most would call the normal sensor) and ultra-wide snapper that lets you zoom out to include more landscape or people in the frame.

The broad 12MP sensor now sports an f/1.6 aperture for superior low light shooting, Apple claims.

Low-light performance is increased for brighter, more detailed photos.

Night Mode wowed us with the iPhone 11 in 2019; it’s back with the phone and works with both the wide and ultrawide sensors.
Night Mode may detect when light levels are lowering and encourage you to keep your phone motionless for up to 15 seconds, depending on the circumstances, to brighten the shot.

Which is better: iPhone 12’s 5G or MagSafe?

5G connection future-proofs. Not everyone needs 5G yet. New MagSafe accessories and usage are available. We’ll discuss the iPhone 12’s subtler advancements later in our review, but there are two big changes for 2020.

Both aren’t really remarkable yet.

The iPhone 12 supports 5G with greater compatibility than many other phones, including the lightning-fast, but limited-range, mmW (millimetre wave) standard in the US… when it’s implemented.

iPhone 12 Battery life

A14 Bionic chipset looks more optimised compared to iPhone 11. Apple’s iPhone 12 has improved battery life, meaning fewer visits to the charger.

We observed that the phone lasted well on a full charge, particularly compared to iPhones from a few years ago. It’s equivalent to the iPhone 11 at best, and maybe slightly worse.
We had well over 50% left in the tank when going to bed one night, and that wasn’t on a particularly low-use day; however, when you add in moving around, switching between 4G and 5G networks, and turning on the phone more often when on the go, that battery life dropped to 16-18 hours between charges on a high-use day.

Is the iPhone 12 a smart buy?

Purchase it if..

Larger screen needed

The iPhone 12 mini is cheaper, but if you want more screen space, choose this model.

You’re bored (ish)

The redesigned design may resemble prior versions, but the added screen makes it seem modern (which, to be fair, it is).

You like films

The iPhone 12’s OLED display will please Netflix, Prime Video, and movie fans.

don’t purchase it If…

You’re a filmmaker

If you’re a pro content maker, you may choose the iPhone 12 Pro’s higher quality.

You have little hands

If you fear the iPhone 12 will be too big for your hands, the 12 mini is your best bet — it’s smaller and cheaper.

Want good battery life?

There are alternative phones with superior battery life, such as the iPhone 11 or Android.

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