FIFA 23 World Cup Mode: FUT Content and Teams

FIFA 23 World Cup mode is the ultimate grail of international football. The World Cup is the greatest honour a player can achieve, and you may try for gold when football goes international this month.

The mode lets you relive previous triumphs or design your own. With rapid play and Ultimate Team updated, you can carry your favourite country to the finals. The game mode release date and content revealed.

Release date of FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

The game mode will be released on April 9, before Qatar and Ecuador begin the tournament. After the World Cup concludes on December 18, FIFA 23 will go on.

FIFA 23 World Cup mode content

FIFA 23 World Cup mode adds free content to quickplay and Ultimate team. EA is introducing a Tournament mode where you may play as any of the 32 qualifying countries in a complete replica of the World Cup, head-to-head with other players online, through the group stages and, ideally, all the way to the final.

Single-player fans may play Your FIFA World Cup, a more casual tournament option, in the game mode. Key to rewriting history and winning Italy’s sixth World Cup.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

World Cup mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 World Cup mode will take over Ultimate Team when the current season ends on April 11. There will be new tournament-specific items, an ongoing swaps and rewards program, and two teams of World Cup FUT Heroes.

FIFA 23 World Cup swaps

On November 11, you can earn FIFA 23 World Cup swap tokens by opening packs and completing SBCs. Ultimate Team logins between November 11 and December 23 will earn a free swap.

Swap tokens will be redeemed for packs, player picks, and FIFA World Cup star players from all 32 qualifying nations.

FIFA 23 World Cup final-event prizes

When you earn a FIFA 23 World Cup player item, the game automatically tracks it. Depending on how many you acquire during the event, you’ll be eligible for end-of-event rewards. Coins, packs, and player picks are rewards.

When will the FIFA 23 Hero be available?

EA’s FIFA 23 Hero pre-order pack will be available on April 11. This pack includes one untradeable FIFA 23 Hero from either World Cup team.

World Cup soundtrack for FIFA 23

The game has a soundtrack featuring iconic tunes. It honours the broad range of music the football game has employed for over a decade. All we know about FIFA 23’s World Cup mode. FIFA 23 will keep players busy until the new year, even with a worldwide competition in November.

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