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The 4chan tv /tv/ Wiki was designed to provide a central location for users to discover picture charts, suggestions, infographics, and guidelines, as well as film-making material. It is strongly advised that you read this Wiki before starting a discussion on/tv/, since there may already be a list of films waiting for you to discover. It would be really helpful if users could provide ideas on a regular basis in order to enhance the Wiki.

About 4Chan Tv

4chan tv Wiki film-making information Full guides

Winter Elite Cup on 4chan in 2020

  • After ups and downs, including a nosedive during the 2019 Autumn Fetus Cup, ClingingMars left /tv/, leaving the squad with just one director – Suule. As the Spring Babby Cup approaches, /tv/ is gearing up to prove that this season will be even better than the previous.
  • 4chan in 2020 Spring Babby Cup /tv/ returned with a brand new 3-5-2 formation, a break from their normal 4-3-3.
  • Although it showed to be a touch weak in a 3-4 loss to /v/, most of the blame for the team’s failure may be attributed to subbed-in Sneed Feed and Seed and Dr.
  • Robotnik failing to rescue /tv/ from SANIC and DANTE.
  • The next match was even more of a barnburner, with /tv/ upsetting /sp/ 5-3, with Really, Raimi? scoring his first goal of the season! The /tv/-/fit/ match became “Do or die” when the /v/-/sp/ match ended in a 1-2 defeat for /v/.
  • The second half began with /tv/’s Brendan Fraser getting fouled by the keeper after the first half ended with both sides tied at 2-2. Unfortunately, despite frantic efforts to score, the chosen PK shooter 4U had his shot stopped by the keeper, and /tv/ finished the group with a tie and a total of 4 points.
  • They are ranked 17th in the standings with a score of 10 GF and 9 GA.

/tv/ is an abbreviation for “television and film.”

The content should be about TV programs, movies, actors/actresses, film equipment, and so on.
All discussions on actresses and actors should be about their roles and careers. Discussions that are off-topic will be removed.
All photographs of actresses should be accompanied by appropriate dialogue, according to Global Rule 13.
Use the spoiler picture checkbox and spoiler tags as needed. Spoiling a series or movie on purpose is not permitted.

It is generally courteous to avoid giving away crucial narrative aspects while discussing films, video games, and literature over the Internet. These essential story aspects are known as spoilers, and they are so termed because they give away the surprise to those who have not yet seen the movie, game, or book.

You may utilize “spoiler” tags on 4Chan discussion boards to hide story information by creating a black backdrop behind words and phrases. Unless you put your cursor over the text or highlight it, the impact of the black backdrop paired with black lettering makes the “spoilers” illegible.

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