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The 4chan TV /tv/ Wiki was created to give users a central location to find picture charts, suggestions, infographics and guidelines as well as film-making material. It is strongly advised that you read this Wiki before starting any discussions on/tv/, since there may already be an extensive list of films waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, it would be greatly appreciated if users could contribute ideas regularly in order to further develop and enhance the Wiki.

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4chan tv Wiki film-making information Full guides

Winter Elite Cup on 4chan in 2020

  • After experiencing many ups and downs this season, including a major setback during the 2019 Autumn Fetus Cup, ClingingMars left /tv/, leaving only one director – Suule. With only three months until Spring Babby Cup arrives, /tv/ is determined to prove this season will be even better than its previous one.
  • 4chan returned to the 2020 Spring Babby Cup /tv/ with an exciting 3-5-2 formation, changing up from their standard 4-3-3 lineup.
  • Although Sneed Feed and Seed and Dr. Miller both came off as subs in a 3-4 loss to /v/, much of the blame can be placed at their doorstep for their team’s misfortune.
  • Robotnik fails to save /tv/ from SANIC and DANTE.
  • The next match was even more dramatic, with /tv/ shocking /sp/ 5-3 and Really, Raimi? scoring his first goal of the season! Unfortunately for them, however, their “Do or die” match ended in a 1-2 defeat for /v/.
  • After the first half ended with both teams tied at 2-2, /tv/’s Brendan Fraser was fouled by the keeper to start the second. Despite frantic efforts to score, 4U’s chosen penalty shooter had his shot stopped by the keeper and finished with a tie and total score of 4 points.
  • They currently sit 17th in the standings with a score of 10 goals for and 9 goals against.

/tv/ is an abbreviation for “television and film.”

Topics should pertain to TV programs, movies, actors/actresses, film equipment and so forth.
All discussions relating to actresses and actors should focus on their roles and careers; any off-topic discussions will be removed.

Global Rule 13 requires that all photographs of actresses be accompanied by appropriate dialogue. Utilize the spoiler picture checkbox and spoiler tags as necessary; intentionally spoiling a series or movie is not allowed.

It is generally polite to avoid spoiling crucial narrative aspects when discussing films, video games and literature over the Internet. These elements are known as spoilers and they provide the surprise for those who have yet to see a movie, game or book.

On 4Chan discussion boards, “spoiler” tags can be used to obscure story information by creating a black backdrop behind words and phrases. Without the user hovering their cursor over the text or highlighting it, the black backdrop combined with black lettering renders any potential spoilers illegible.

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