jio f320b Mic Jumper Solution 2024 | Full Process

jio f320b mic jumper :We’ll teach you how to identify and solve Jio F320B mic issues in this post. Mic Ways for Jio F320B, Mic Not Working Issues, Mic Jumper Solution for your Jio F320B phone’s microphone so that you may resume using your phone for phone calls and other tasks that need the microphone.

As is customary with smartphone issues, there are two fundamental causes for each given problem. One, the issue is caused by faulty or damaged hardware, and two, the problem is caused by a software bug.

jio f320b Mic Jumper Solution 2024 | Full Process

The malfunctioning of a tiny component called a mouthpiece, which is normally situated at the base of the phone when held in a call position, is the most common reason of the microphone issue with the LYF Jio F320B. People won’t be able to hear from you if you start a call because of this issue. The issue caused by the mouthpiece is multi-faceted. A mouthpiece issue in a mobile phone might be caused by a variety of factors, including the ones listed below.

Problems With Jio F320B Mic, Possible Causes, And Solutions:

  • Resistance value (high/low)
  • Oxidation
  • Contact that isn’t good or complete
  • Circuits that are short or open

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Changing the mic on the Jio F320B is a bit tough. It is soldered to the motherboard, so if you remove it, remember where it was installed and replace it in the same location. If your microphone connection sites have broken prints, I’ve noted them all in the figure below. Please note that we reserve the right to change or add additional solutions to this page at any moment in the future. So feel free to return to this website at any moment to keep current.

A poor contact may also cause a mic or microphone issue, resulting in a partial or complete disconnect between the microphone and the interface it is meant to be attached to. In this scenario, all you have to do is tighten the phone with a screwdriver a little more, or identify the disconnection and solder it back together, and your phone’s mouthpiece will be back to normal.

What To Do If Your Jio F320B Mic Isn’t Working

How to fix a Jio F320B mic that isn’t functioning. As shown in the image above, there are two color lines for fixing the lost mic pins via direct jumper methods. The mic + pinpoint jumper is shown by the red color line, while the negative pin jumper is indicated by the yellow color line. If your microphone isn’t functioning, you’ll need to do the same thing.

Here are several tried, true, and successful methods for resolving the Jio F320B Missing Mic issue.
First and foremost, if the mic is defective, you must replace it. You may validate the defective mic by recording your voice or making a direct call from another phone.

jio f320 mic jumper | 5 pin mic to 2 pin jumper | jio f320b mic not working

jio f320 mic ways jio f320 mic jumper 5 pin mic to 2 pin jumper jio f320b mic not working

You may use the same jumper from mic to other/next pinpoints to replace the lost mic pins.
Make that the mic hole is open and free of dust, corrosion, or carbon. If the mic hole is closed during a call, the user may have a low voice problem.

Keep in mind that every solution on our website has been thoroughly tested by our expert team, but we cannot be held liable for any harm that it may do to your phone. Please use these fixing solutions at your own risk.

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