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Critical Legends Trello Link & Wiki: Critical Legends Fandom Link

Critical Legends Trello Link & Wiki: Critical Legends Fandom Link: Both Trello and Fandom provide wikis for Radi Studios’ video games if you’re interested in contributing to one. Though nowadays, Trello is a lot more comprehensive than fandom. It’s possible you’ll find something of interest in the fandom, so we’ve left the link here in case you’re curious.

Critical Legends Trello

The first three sections (Disclaimer, Trello Exclusive, and Staff) do not add anything, but you should read them anyhow. Game Information, which includes helpful resources including an XP guide, crafting instructions, market prices, and a tier list, is the wiki’s first and, arguably, most vital part.

Then there are sections like In-Game Features, New Content, and already sections with maximum detail, like Map Locations, Sub-Locations, BM Locatins, NPC, Bosses, Mobs, Style Statues, Styles, Style Skins, Special Styles, Event Style Skins, Custom Styles, Medallions, Mobs Drops, Boss Drops, Environment Items, Shop Items, Style Items, Black Market Items, Passive Items from chests, Active

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Critical Legends Trello Fandom Link & Wiki

There are a lot of options here, but the fourth one, “Game Information,” is where you should focus first. You may access features like the Tier List and the detailed information on how to acquire and use each Style from this page.

The content is comprehensive, up-to-date, and official in nature; it was developed in collaboration with other people but was evaluated by the Radi Studios staff to ensure its high quality.

In case it’s useful, we’ve compiled a few checklist-style recommendations based on information found in Trello for your perusal.

Visit here For Fandom Link & Wiki

Trello’s FAQs include this.

Concerning Black Market:

  • Blackmarket, or “BM” for short, is a non-player character that sells random items from the list “Blackmarket Items.” These items can be anything from lore books to strong items.
  • Every 10–15 minutes, Blackmarket appears, and it disappears after 5 minutes.
  • He sells three things at once, but only a few of each.

Regarding Honor:

  • Honor is a new thing that you get by doing quests.
  • Check out Quests to find out more about the rewards and which quests give honour.
  • Right now, Blacksmith makes things with honour.

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