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Roblox Da Hood Map (June 2023): All Significant Locations


Roblox Da Hood Map: If you’re scoping out the Spawn locations, you should know that weapons are heavily concentrated in the city centre, while armour is located in the suburbs and food is spread out around the map. Possibly the most convenient location would be close to the police station.

daa hood map

Da Hood Map: All Significant Locations

We think the map is self-explanatory, and you shouldn’t need us to explain where things are, but if you do, feel free to save it or keep it open during your games.

  1. Bank: Downtown, between the Jewelry Store to the east and the Furniture Store to the south.
  2. Tyrone’s Gun Store has two places where they sell guns.
  3. The first place is in the south-east corner of the map, south of Jeff’s house.
  4. Second spot: south of the bank and east of the burger joint.
  5. Hood Fitness is downtown, south of Hood Kicks or Hospital and north of a burger shop.
  6. Jeff’s is on the map’s west side, north of Tyrone’s gun store.
  7. The downtown furniture store is north of the bank and jewellery store.
  8. Downtown, the jewellery store is east of the bank and south of the furniture store.
  9. Basketball Court: South of the Game on the east side of the map.
  10. Hood Kicks: Downtown, from the bank to the west and the hospital to the east.
  11. From the furniture store, the church, or Hood Kicks, go west, east, or north to get to the police station.
  12. Boxing Club: The most southern point on the map. From the burger shop, go south.
  13. Downtown, from Hood Kicks, head west to the hospital.
  14. Church: The northernmost point on the map. From the hospital, go north and west, or from Jeff’s, go north and east.
  15. Go north from Boxing Club or south from Hood Fitness on the south side of the map to get to the Burger Shop.
  16. Go north from the basketball court or east from the jewellery store to get to the Game in the northeast corner of the map.


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