Roblox Royale High Spring Halo answers (April 2024)

Roblox Royale High Spring Halo answers: All right, start the spring celebrations! Royale High, a popular role-playing game on Roblox, has just announced their 2024 Spring Halo, and gamers are lining up to try their luck. A pair of pink, flapping angel wings are illuminated by a halo made of a variety of flowers perched on a meandering vine and meeting in the centre.

Spring Halo answers 2022

Roblox Royale High Spring Halo answers 2024

This crown can be earned by accurately predicting the happy ending to a story drawn at random from the town square fountain. The chart summarises everything we know so far about the results of several stories. Due to the random nature of these outcomes, there may be rewards or punishments that we have yet to discover that are implemented on a more regular basis.

This is the full list of answers for all fountain stories in Spring Halo 2024.

  • Choose a dance partner to The Castle Garden Dance-Off. D
  • Invoke the Naiad and pick one of the flowers: Answer D
  • Select the plant to make your Fountain Girl: Asnwer B
  • Aid Lucille get ready for the annual flower show Answer D
  • Select an instrument: B
  • Decide the first plant to water for Blossoms as follows: Asnwer B
  • Earthquake in Divina Park: Asnwer C
  • Helping the mother robin’s mother: Asnwer B
  • Pick a fashionable model by Aria Asnwer soon
  • Help Nissa by assisting her with the Venus Flytrap Asnwer C
  • Select a beautiful flower to participate in this contest. Divina Garden Flower Contest. Asnwer B & C
  • Pick a path through the realm of flowers: Asnwer soon

Old Spring halo Answers

  • Select one rose in the tableau: Choose a rose B
  • Activity Stands in the Magical Realm: Answers A & C
  • Crying Cupid: Answers C
  • Pastry Chef Ashe’s desserts that explode Answers to B
  • Penguin seeking the most smooth stone: Answers
  • You are planning to buy the money on Valentine’s Festival tickets: Answers A
  • The Tree’s Flowers Nymph Answers to B
  • Busy Cupid: Answers C
  • Helping out with helping with the Valentine’s Day party: Answers A & C
  • Select the Teddy Bear from the love fairytale Answers D
  • Toothpaste-filled chocolates: Answers B & D
  • Helping Princess Valerie defeat Dark Cupid: Answers B & C
  • Select one of the Pastry chef Ashe’s recipes: answers to B
  • You must solve an Valentine’s Day mystery for the detective Answers C
  • Cupid’s Arrow is heading toward you: Answers
  • The Unicorn lost its horn Answers A

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Frequently Asked Questions

Halos can’t be promised, right?

We’ve listed the answers that might lead to Halo, but that’s not a guarantee. In reality, when you choose one of the options, the odds are between 10 and 20%. If you choose any other answer, there is no chance of a halo. If you choose our option and don’t see the Halo, don’t be surprised. If you want to get a Halo, you should try 5–10 times.

Opportunity to answer

For each answer, you might get XP or diamonds. But it could also take away diamonds or be completely unimportant. Chances are most likely to be: + diamonds 25%, – diamonds 25%, + xp percentage, and nothing else 25%. But the answers we think are Halo answers probably won’t get you the Halo more than 5–10% of the time

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