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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: Crossplay, Customisation, and Volta, All Details


FIFA 23 Pro Clubs returns with new content, features, and synergies. Pro Clubs, introduced in FIFA 09, allows players to form a dream squad with their pals. For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs info, keep reading.

Volta Integration of The FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

The game integrates VOLTA, the FIFA Street style mode introduced in FIFA 20. This integration introduces a seasonal approach to the Pro Clubs game mode, enabling players to move through the stages with XP and collect VOLTA money.


Players may spend their VOLTA coins on customization and cosmetic items in the VOLTA game mode. You may apply these cosmetic accessories on your game character, giving you a unique look while playing with pals.

Changes to The FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Drop-Ins

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

EA has added faster technologies that should make Pro Clubs Drop-Ins fans happier.

First, match halves have been shortened to four minutes, simulating a fast-paced pick-up game. Extra time has been substituted by Golden Goal, providing players a suspenseful sprint to the last winning goal.


If neither side scores in two Golden Goal periods, the game still ends in a tie, but a penalty shootout is avoided.

New Perks for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

EA is releasing four new perks to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, offering you more chances to strengthen your character and gain the upper hand on the rival squad.

New bonuses include:

  • Poacher (Attacking) Boosts Volleys, Finishing, and Heading Accuracy.
  • Light Passes (Chance Creation) improves teammates’ ability to handle incoming passes.
  • Interceptor (Defense) – Increases the chance of intercepting or blocking opponent passes and shots.
  • Chase Down (Defensive) – Increases your speed after losing possession; deactivates after 40 seconds.

Knowing when to employ these four new perks will give you the upper hand in the game.

FIFA 23 Leveling Changes

EA and the community believed that levelling up in the game was too grindy, so they changed it.

EA has made improvements to the levelling system to make it easier:

  • The required XP to level up has been reduced.
  • Maximum level requires less XP.
  • The level maximum is now 100.
  • Players may acquire 185 Skill Points.
  • After level 25, players get extra perk slots and Skill Points.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction and should be more gratifying. Increasing the number of levels by four times and reducing the amount of XP to achieve max level should make you level up more frequently.

Is FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Crossplay?

Crossplay and cross-progression are two of FIFA 23’s greatest innovations, and a mode like Pro Clubs, where you want as many players as possible, sounds ideal for them, right?

If you’ve read our FIFA 23 crossplay guide, you already know that Pro Clubs will not include crossplay.
Crossplay will be available in practically every game mode except Pro Clubs, which is a weird choice by EA. EA understands players’ dissatisfaction, but only wants to offer it to Pro Clubs when it’s the finest possible experience, so we may have to wait until EA Sports FC or later.

So, that’s all you need to know about FIFA 23 Pro Clubs before release. Check out which FIFA 23 Icons will be in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team.

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