Half-Life 2: Leaked Images Display a Very Early Gravity Gun

Half-Life 2: Recent photographs reveal an early idea of one of Half-Life 2’s most iconic weapons. Concept art for one of Half-Life 2’s most renowned weapons has been circulating on social media. The gravity rifle can lift things and throw them at oncoming adversaries, making it one of the weirdest FPS weapons. Long production cycles imply that things change over time, like with any video game other entertainment material.

Half-Life 2: About the Game

Half-Life 2

When discussing Half-Life, the question of a new Main Series entry will inevitably come up. The third installment is one of the most anticipated in gaming, but Valve may not continue the adventures of the silent scientist-alien combatant. It’s a bummer, particularly because Episode 2 ends on a cliffhanger and viewers don’t know what happens next.

Even if a third game is unlikely, there’s always Half-Life 2 and the gravity gun. Richter Overtime, a Twitter user, provided photographs of the rifle from 1999, five years before the game’s debut. It displays a chunkier, “alien-like” weapon. It’s based on Eli Maxwell, a removed character from the sequel.

When Half-Life came out, a sequel was inevitable. The game was innovative and propelled the genre and gaming in general to new places, like Doom and Quake. Half-Life 2 followed and had a similar influence on the industry.
Gordon Freeman’s reappearance is unknown.

Valve may be developing a Half-Life RTS dubbed Citadel. The gravity gun concept art is intriguing, showing how the game looked early on, but fans desire a third game.

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