One Piece Chapter 1059: Yonko Blackbeard Vs Boa Hancock

One Piece Chapter 1059: Boa Hancock is the centrepiece of One Piece 1059. Today’s One Piece 1059 was one of the greatest in a while. As promised, the narrative continues after the Straw Hat Pirates leave Wano Country. Due to Wano’s isolation, fans saw nothing of the outside world for four years. Oda is slowly exposing how things have changed following the Reverie.
This chapter explores Amazon Lily, the home of Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. One Piece 956 depicted the Navy outside the nation, while chapter 1059 revealed what happened on the island.

One Piece Chapter 1059: Shanks And Marco

Shanks and Marco spoke aboard the Red Force, the Red Hair Pirates’ flagship. Since Wano ended, Marco’s appearance today was a surprise to fans. Marco was again invited to join the Red Hair Pirates, but he rejected. Marco had a flashback while heading to Sphinx Island, where he protects. Yamato first told Luffy to remain in Wano in the past.
Yamato wanted to tour every area of Wano before setting sail. Yamato’s justification was revealed in One Piece 1059. He stays in Wano Country to help safeguard it. The Green Bull onslaught convinced him to remain in Wano to defend it. Marco’s contribution was emotional since he recalled saving Luffy in the Paramount War. This chapter finally gave fans their exchange. Marco then boarded Shanks’ ship and sailed home.

One Piece Chapter 1059

One Piece Chapter 1059: The Incident On Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily’s incident was the largest in One Piece 1059. Fans finally saw the island after three years. As planned, the Navy attacked Amazon Lily, but they had trouble with the Kuja Pirates, who are Haki masters. Only because the ladies couldn’t damage the Seraphim Pacifista infants could they progress. These Seraphim are Shichibukai clones with Lunarian DNA, making them strong. Fans saw a Hancock Seraphim destroying the island. Mihawk Seraphim easily cut half of Amazon Lily’s mountain.
The Kuja could counter the Marines, but Blackbeard posed issues for the tribe. He surprised Boa Hancock by saying he’d long sought her abilities. Silvers Rayleigh’s action saved no lives and prevented further escalation. They’re safe for now. As long as Hancock stays, Amazon Lily is in danger.

One Piece Chapter 1059: The Case Of Captain Koby

Koby was a prominent player in this event. He spearheaded the assault on Amazon Lily and messed up. Without Blackbeard’s help, Kobe could have perished. With Hancock captured by Blackbeard, it was revealed that Koby helped the Yonko during the Rocky Port Incident, earning him the title “Hero of the Rocky Port.” After Raleigh’s arrival, it was believed that Koby also got off the island, but at the end of the chapter, it was revealed that Koby was captured by Yonko Blackbeard for some reason.
Blackbeard’s intentions are unclear. Koby provides the Yonko little, thus this is an odd choice. This might lead to a fight with the Blackbeard Pirates and a rescue arc. One Piece 1060 may reveal Blackbeard’s plans for the young Marine.

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