One Piece Ace Death 2024: Did he Really Have To Die?

One Piece Ace Death: One Piece fans adore Portgas D. Ace. Introduced towards the conclusion of the Drum Island arc, Ace had a big impression early in the series. Fans learned he was Luffy’s elder brother during the Alabasta arc. Ace grew slowly in the backdrop thereafter.

One Piece Ace Death: He was hunting Blackbeard for killing a crewmate and found him on Banaro Island. The two pirates battled, triggering the Great Pirate Era’s biggest conflict. Ace was captured by the Navy after losing against Blackbeard. Ace’s execution was publicised, and he died protecting his brother in the Marineford conflict.

One Piece Ace Death: Portgas D. Ace’s Demise

One Piece Ace Death: As a pirate, Ace was always pompous. Every pirate knows they might perish at any time on the wide seas. Pirates are honourable. When Blackbeard murdered Thatch, the Fourth Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace punished him. Ace couldn’t let this slip out of respect for his father, Whitebeard. He went out to find Blackbeard and ultimately did. Ace battled Blackbeard without understanding his full abilities. Ace would battle him even if he understood his abilities.

One Piece Ace Death: Blackbeard was trying to catch Luffy. Ace felt he couldn’t back out after hearing this from his responsible elder brother. Ace was arrested by the Navy instead of Luffy. The Navy had been looking for Ace for years since he was the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. To the Navy, eradicating his lineage was crucial, therefore Ace was executed, triggering the Paramount War. Ace’s allies rushed to his rescue and even managed to heal him, but he decided to sacrifice his life to defend Luffy from Akainu, ending the magnificent life of Portgas D. Ace.

One Piece Ace Death

How Come Ace Had To Die?

One Piece Ace Death: Ace is a beloved figure, therefore fans still mourn his death, yet he had to die for numerous reasons. Ace didn’t want One Piece like Luffy. That wasn’t Oda’s dream, and character dreams important to him. Once a character achieves their ideal, they’re easier to murder. Ace wanted to know whether he should’ve been born. Ace was abandoned after birth and disliked because of his father’s popularity. Marineford was the best time for him to understand he was loved. Everyone was willing to die for him. Ace has no remorse about saving his brother’s life. He was adored, and Oda knew it.

One Piece Ace Death: Ace was not the primary character of One Piece, despite being Gol D. Roger’s son. Roger thought his kid would discover One Piece, but he didn’t. Ace, although being a great character in his own way, had to help Luffy reach his brother. Ace helped Luffy become a pirate capable of battling the Yonko in the New World. Luffy realised after Ace’s death that he needed to grow stronger to defend his loved ones. This caused a two-year timeskip and made Luffy stronger. Everything Luffy is now is due to his agony and suffering, and Ace’s death is a part of it.

One Piece Ace Death: Ace has died, but he’s still important to the tale. Oda underlined Luffy’s strength owing to Ace’s sacrifice in the Fish-Man Island storyline. In the Dressrosa storyline, Luffy and Ace’s brother Sabo battled for his Devil Fruit. Ace’s will is still being carried by Luffy and Sabo. As fans know, Ace had a large part in the Wano Country arc, maybe the biggest since Marineford. Ace promised to liberate Wano’s land. Tama and Yamato became buddies. He convinced Marco to help Wano. Ace’s fire caused the freedom of Wano in more ways than one, and fans know he will always burn bright in their hearts, much like his brother Luffy, who owes everything to him.

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