One Piece Lucci vs Luffy (Who will win this Rematch?)

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy: Who will win Luffy and Lucci’s rematch? Luffy is One Piece’s main character. At 17, he became the Pirate King. Shanks’ remarks motivated Luffy to become the Pirate King.

Luffy ultimately pursued his passion after spending years with Dadan and the mountain outlaws. A major goal would take a lot of work. Luffy has met a lot of tough opponents on his journey, which has forced him to learn new skills. Rob Lucci was one of Luffy’s antagonists before the time gap.

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy: Conflict In Enies Lobby

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy: Many consider the Enies Lobby arc the finest pre-time skip arc due of its plot and action sequences. Luffy and the Straw Hats rescued Robin from CP9 at Enies Lobby. Fighting CP9 meant questioning the World Government’s authority, but Luffy didn’t care and ordered Sogeking to blast down its flag.

As the storyline proceeded, spectators saw the Straw Hats and their bouts, and Luffy had to fight Rob Lucci. Lucci won their quick Water 7 clash. Luffy hoped Enies Lobby would be different. Luffy defeated Lucci and freed Robin with his new Gears.

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy

The Most Powerful Assassin

One Piece Lucci vs. Luffy: Rob Lucci’s dark background frightens those who know it. Lucci’s early ruthlessness made him a superb assassin. Lucci believes in “Dark Justice” and murders without remorse. The Cipher Pol agent is goal-oriented.

Lucci fought hard to become CP9’s strongest member and had double Kaku’s Doriki. Lucci has Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. He controls both and blends them beautifully with devil fruit. Lucci’s carnivorous zoan-type devil fruit, Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard, offers him greater power than a herbivorous zoan.

In the Enies Lobby storyline, Lucci’s devil fruit abilities became clear. His ability to awaken his demon fruit is his greatest achievement. Users of zoan-type devil fruits don’t utilise their awakening since they have their own will. Lucci seems unfazed by the disadvantage. Lucci’s awakened form boosts his strength, endurance, and speed, making him a deadly opponent.

The Liberation Warrior

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy: Luffy is now the series’ strongest character. He’s become stronger after battling Lucci in Enies Lobby. He’s mastered all three varieties of Haki, even their advanced variations. His mastery of Haoshoku Haki makes him a fearsome adversary. Luffy can breach difficult defences, as witnessed with Kaido.

Luffy also possesses the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Model: Nika. Wano revealed that the devil fruit is a legendary zoan kind, not a paramecia. The devil fruit makes Luffy’s body rubbery, but it may also affect lightning, earth, etc. Gear Fifth lets Luffy modify his form and size without limits. He became a giant to confront Kaido.

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy: Showdown

One Piece Lucci vs Luffy: Luffy and Lucci are significantly stronger. They can face tough opponents, but there’s a gap. Luffy was teasing Lucci on Egghead Island. He avoided all assaults and landed a few of his own. Luffy hasn’t utilised Advanced Haoshoku Haki, which Lucci can’t counter.

If things linger, Luffy will easily beat Lucci and CP0. Lucci may have feared this conclusion, so he attacked Sentomaru. By killing Sentomaru, CP0 may command the Seraphim. Four Seraphim are now on Egghead Island, and fighting one is difficult, so fighting four will be difficult for Luffy and company.

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