Buggy The Clown 2024: Capabilities, Personality and Facts

Buggy The Clown: In addition to being an ex-apprentice of the Roger Pirates alongside Shanks, Buggy the Star Clown now serves as captain of the Buggy Pirates and co-leader of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance. His leadership of Buggy’s Delivery, a pirate dispatch service, and membership in the Seven Warlords of the Sea followed shortly after the Summit War of Marineford.

After the system was abolished, he was no longer a Warlord, but after the fall of Kaidou and Big Mom and the establishment of the Cross Guild, of which he is the recognised head, he was elevated to the status of one of the Four Emperors.

Buggy The Clown

About: Buggy The Clown

He is the primary bad guy in the Orange Town storyline and a possible secondary bad guy in the Loguetown storyline. Since then, he has become a series regular. The protagonist of Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles Cover Page Serial is likewise named Buggy. Despite their antagonism, during the Impel Down and Marineford Arcs, he became one of Luffy’s key allies.

In addition, he serves as the series’ primary opponent during the majority of “Boss Luffy Historical Special” episodes. In the 3D2Y special episode in the film One Piece: Stampede, he plays a similar role, assisting Luffy.

Buggy Personality

Because of his inflated sense of self-importance, Buggy is constantly trying to impress and intimidate others around him. At the age of nine, he griped to his mother that the Whitebeard Pirates were getting more coverage in the paper than his own gang, the Roger Pirates. Instead of honing his own fighting skills, he spends most of his time cultivating powerful subordinates who perform all the heavy lifting while under his command. Buggy will take advantage of any situation in which he may improve his public image and get influential allies.

Whenever someone flatters him, even if it’s based on a mistaken impression of who he is, Buggy begins to believe that he is more capable of great things than he actually is. For example, after the escapees from Impel Down praised him for being a part of Roger’s crew, Buggy began to fantasise that he could use their support to overthrow Whitebeard and become the Pirate King.

Buggy The Clown: Powers & Capabilities

Buggy commands the Buggy Pirates, which grew enormously during the Impel Down Arc after he rescued hundreds of powerful inmates with bounties considerably larger than his own. These inmates respected Buggy and followed him after learning he was a Roger Pirate. The Emperor, Edward Newgate, even proposed to form an alliance with Buggy during the Summit War of Marineford since Buggy’s new forces could hinder his crew’s capacity to save Portgas D. Ace if they were against him.

The World Government offered Buggy a Warlord rank after he joined the Roger Pirates. Buggy ran Buggy’s Delivery, a mercenary company with several powerful mercenaries, including Elbaf giants. After the Seven Warlords System was abolished, Buggy became an enemy and could no longer break the law.

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Buggy The Clown: Physical Capabilities

Even after taking a direct blow from a Muggy Ball that Dracule Mihawk had thrown back at him in Marineford, Buggy was eager to get back up and show off his impressive physical resilience. In spite of Luffy sending a Buggy Ball hurtling back at him, Buggy was able to use his troops as shields and escape the collapsed bar unscathed. Despite the fact that he is not immune to lightning like Luffy, he was able to rise up swiftly after being struck on the Loguetown execution platform and continue his pursuit of Luffy. Walking through Level 4’s intense heat and Level 5’s freezing temperatures in Impel Down had little effect on him.

Some Interesting Facts About Buggy

  • Buggy was the first villain to ever get close to killing Luffy
  • The tassels on Buggy’s hat are his hair
  • Buggy was a Shichibukai
  • Buggy has an accidental knack for making allies
  • Shanks is the reason Buggy is a Devil Fruit user
  • Longest recurring Devil Fruit user that isn’t allied with the Straw Hat crew
  • Buggy is an ex-member of the Pirate King’s crew


  • However, while Higuma is the first big adversary Luffy faces in the manga and Alvida is the first in the anime, Buggy is the first major antagonist Luffy faces in the One Piece plot.
  • Soon after Big Mom and Kaido were deposed as Emperors of the Sea, Buggy and Luffy were named their successors. Buggy, in contrast to Luffy, has the mercenary crew of Pirate Dispatch at his disposal; since Luffy is only interested in Fishman Island and Wano, the rest of Big Mom and Kaido’s territory is up for grabs.
  • It turns out that when Bugfy joined forces with Crocodile, Buggy’s incompetent minions thought it was the other way around and produced the wrong flyers for Cross Guild to make it look like the opposite.
  • Crocodile and Mihawk almost killed Buggy because of this, but then they realised they could use him as a decoy and as a source of power to extend their empire.

Final Words

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