One Piece 1069: The Chapter’s Expectations

One Piece 1069: Rob Lucci’s arrival might spark a brawl between him and Luffy. One Piece 1068 arrived last week and proved to be an important chapter, focusing on Cipher Pol after a while. In recent chapters, fans have been receiving significant disclosures one after another, but last week’s chapter wasn’t as dramatic. At the conclusion of the chapter, viewers were treated to an epic cliffhanger with Luffy and Rob Lucci meeting after years.

The two fought for the final time at Enies Lobby, where Luffy defeated Rob Lucci and took Nico Robin with him. Since then, they haven’t crossed paths, and One Piece 1069 has fans yearning for them to fight again.

One Piece 1069: The New Powers of Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci will be featured heavily in One Piece 1069. Lucci is one of the World Government’s strongest warriors. From an early age, he was considered a genius, and his gift is rare. Lucci will be stronger after losing against Luffy. His promotion to CP0 and distinguished status there proves this.

Oda says to watch out for CP0’s masked guys. In the last chapter, he unleashed a Rokuogan right away, thus he possesses stronger tricks than before. Lucci may fight Luffy in One Piece 1069. He won’t stand a chance if he’s as powerful as before. One Piece 1069 will likely see Lucci unleash a new ability he’s been working on for 2 years.

One Piece 1069

One Piece 1069: Rob Lucci Vs. Luffy

Luffy and Lucci will certainly duel in One Piece 1069. Their previous encounter was one of the finest One Piece bouts ever. It was action-packed from beginning to end. The fight’s emotional weight was remarkable, and fans hope One Piece 1069 will be similar. Lucci and Luffy’s fight will likely be brief. Egghead Island is a brief arc, because Oda seldom draws major battles.

Fans may watch the two fight, but an interruption may stop them. Fans will be intrigued by Lucci’s new skills. Luffy’s first battle as a Yonko. Oda won’t disappoint the straw hat commander with this combat illustration. Luffy may employ Gear 5 in this battle.

One Piece 1069: Arrival of Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma, a Revolutionary Army member, might also be essential in One Piece 1069. Kuma was saved from the Reverie and transported to Momoiro Island. As shown in the past chapter, Kuma ran to an unknown location and used his Devil Fruit to launch himself.

He is presumably heading to Egghead Island, where the Straw Hat Pirates and his daughter are. The Seraphim of Bartholomew Kuma is also on the island, so fans may witness the difference in strength between a copy and the genuine thing. One Piece 1069 will probably be interesting, and fans can’t wait.

One Piece 1069 Release Date

No known break for One Piece. Fans should await the following chapter in the next Weekly Shonen Jump. MangaPlus says One Piece 1069 will be released on Dec. 11, 2022. The chapter is free in Shonen Jump and the MangaPlus app.

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