What Are The Little Miss Characters ? April 2024

What Are the Little Miss Characters? – Little Miss is Roger Hargreaves’ beloved children’s picture book Mr. Men and its associated Mr. Men emojis have become viral across various social media platforms over recent weeks – people want to learn who “The Little Misses” are! In this post we’ll take a closer look at her cast of characters while learning their names!

Who are these Little Miss People, Anyway?

Little Miss was released for publication by Roger Hargreaves in 1981 as an equivalent for Mr. Men, with its first character named Bossy; other Little Miss characters followed suit including “Naughty”, “Neat”, Sunshine”, Tiny”, Trouble”, Helpful”, Magical”, Shy”, Splendid”, Late”, Scattered”, Plump (later changed into Greedy in early 1990s)”. In 1984 he created further characters within this series such as Giggles Twins Chatterbox Dotty Lucky Star Fickle Fickle Fickle Contrary which appeared along with their counterparts from 1980.

Viviane Cohen, Evelyne Lallemand and Colette David developed Little Miss Quick, Wise, Tidy Brainy Stubborn Curious Fun Somersault two years after David died in 1988. As an added treat for French markets they also released limited-edition Little Misses that can still be purchased today.

What Are The Little Miss Characters ?

Adam, Roger’s son, carried on the tradition with Scary Little Miss, Bad Little Miss and Whoops Little Miss; then Little Miss Princess debuted. Little Miss Hug was released for sale on June 8, 2014 followed by Fabulous and Sparkle two years later and finally Little Inventor on June 8 2018. Brave debuted April 3, 2021.

What Are All The Little Miss Characters Names?

Main Series

S.NoLittle Miss Character 
1Little Miss Bossy
2Little Miss Naughty
3Little Miss Neat
4Little Miss Sunshine
5Little Miss Tiny
6Little Miss Trouble
7Little Miss Helpful
8Little Miss Magic
9Little Miss Shy
10Little Miss Splendid
11Little Miss Late
12Little Miss Scatterbrain
13Little Miss Greedy (originally Little Miss Plump)
14Little Miss Giggles
15Little Miss Twins
16Little Miss Chatterbox
17Little Miss Dotty (Little Miss Ditzy in the US)
18Little Miss Lucky
19Little Miss Star
20Little Miss Fickle
21Little Miss Contrary
22Little Miss Busy
23Little Miss Quick
24Little Miss Wise
25Little Miss Tidy
26Little Miss Brainy
27Little Miss Stubborn
28Little Miss Curious
29Little Miss Fun
30Little Miss Somersault
31Little Miss Scary
32Little Miss Bad
33Little Miss Whoops
34Little Miss Princess
35Little Miss Hug
36Little Miss Fabulous
37Little Miss Sparkle
38Little Miss Inventor
39Little Miss Brave

French series 

S.NoLittle Miss French Character 
1Little Miss Carefree
2Little Miss Brilliant
3Little Miss Busy-Body
4Little Miss Careful
5Little Miss Loud
6Little Miss Prim
7Little Miss Show-Off
8Little Miss Pretty
9Little Miss Yes

Special Character 

S.NoLittle Miss Special Character 
1Little Miss Jealous
2Little Miss Christmas
3Little Miss Birthday
4Little Miss Stella
5Little Miss Explorer
6Little Miss Baby
7Little Miss Ginger
8Little Miss Scary
9Little Miss Sporty
10Little Miss Valentine

Mr. Men

Mr. Men is the title of an English author Roger Hargreaves’ children’s book series published in Britain beginning April 1971 and published from 1981 on. Beginning with Little Miss books with female protagonists appearing starting 1981 and Timbuctoo with animal characters debuting 1978 respectively; Mr. Cool, Mr. Rude and Good, as well as Scary Little Miss Bad, Whoops Little Miss Princess Hug and Inventor all received new adventures written and drawn by Adam Hargreaves after Roger Hargreaves passed away in 1988.

Little Miss Characters

Each book in the original Mr. Men and Little Miss series focused on one specific title character to convey a moral lesson with vivid illustrations that highlighted their distinguishing features in order to highlight one defining trait and draw out moral lessons for children from them. Characters like Mr. Men and Little Miss often made cameo appearances in works written by other authors – as of 2021 there have been 92 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters present across 28 different countries! These books sold over 100 Million copies worldwide!

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of Mr. Men and Little Miss novels.

Many of the male and Little Miss protagonists from one series featured in another’s. There will have been 92 Mr.

The origins of the Little Miss meme have long been a mystery.

Multiple media sites have recently pointed to Instagram user @juulpuppy as the first to share a picture of the Little Miss meme on June 19, 2024. On June 17, 2024, however, user @dreamgirltat shared a Little Miss meme that quickly went viral, receiving over 36,000 likes.

Exactly how do females compare to Mr. Men?

Originally published by Roger Hargreaves in 1981, Little Miss is a feminine counterpart to his Mr. Men series.

Where did you get the Little Miss cast?

The Little Miss Spice Girls series includes Little Miss Baby. The character was inspired by Baby Spice of the girl group the Spice Girls.

The books are great for two-year-olds and above because of the humorous storyline and vivid images.

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