Sonic Speed Simulator Codes: Latest Codes (November 2022)

Sonic Speed Simulator Codes: If you’ve really gotta go fast in Roblox, then you’re certainly not going to want to miss these these codes that will help you speed through – and look amazing while doing it too. You may earn Sonic Speed Simulator bonuses and new clothes with the appropriate coupons. Read on for current and expired Sonic Speed Simulator coupons.

Sonic Speed Simulator Codes (November 2022)

Sonic Speed Simulator Codes

To become the quickest hedgehog in all of Roblox, make sure to take advantage of all of these freebies before they go. The complete list of all current Sonic Speed Simulator codes is provided below:

  • Hooray50k – Gain 30 minute speed boost (Added on 22nd September 2022)
  • 25k: Gain a free boost
  • 40kThankYou: Gain free rewards
  • Amazing35: Gain free rewards
  • soniccentral: Get an Amy Chao
  • thankyouchao: Get a free Gratitude Chao
  • thumbsup: Get a free Bloxian Chao
  • Knack 2: A Franchise Nearly Turned Around With the Game

Sonic Speed Simulator Expired Codes (November 2022)

As noted, active codes don’t last forever, so claim them before they speed away quicker than Sonic. We’ll update this list with new or expired codes, so check back regularly. Sonic Speed Simulator expired codes:

  • RIDERS: Get a free epic Riders Sonic skin

Redeeming Sonic Speed Simulator Coupons

Developer A Team_ provided all of the above codes to the game for you to claim, but what’s the point if you don’t know how? Below is a step-by-step instruction.

  • Open up Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox on your device
  • Open up the shop menu
  • Hit the ‘Redeem’ button at the top
  • Type any of the active codes above into the box
  • Hit the ‘Redeem’ button to claim your free rewards

That completes the explanation on how to utilise the Sonic Speed Simulator cheat codes to get some pleasant in-game gifts.

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