Anime Legends Simulator Codes: Latest Codes (April 2024)

Anime Legends Simulator Codes: Free game goods and improvements are awesome. You may get amazing bonuses using these codes. Anime Legends Simulator is a popular Roblox game, thus these coupons will likely be updated often. We’ve included all the live and expired Anime Legends Simulator coupons below. We’ll also explain how to redeem them, so keep reading to acquire your gifts quickly.

Anime Legends Simulator Codes

Anime Legends Simulator Codes (April 2024)

You want a list of active Anime Legends Simulator codes for March. These codes are generally crystals and gold, and who can refuse free gifts? Here are all the active ALS codes:

Anime Legends Simulator Codes
HUGEBOOST10,000 Gold Coins, 10,000 Crystals, 500 Bloodfruit
UPDATE51,000 Free Bloodfruit
1mGRPMEMBERS20,000 Gold Coins, 20,000 Crystals
TRADE10,000 Gold Coins, 10,000 Crystals
5MVISIT10,000 Gold Coins, 10,000 Crystals
AURAS10,000 Gold Coins, 1,000 Crystals
FREEPETFree new pet
ANIM3PLAYTIM3Free Bloodfruit
RELEASE2,500 Gold Coins, 2,500 Crystals
10KLIK3Gold coins, crystals, and 50 fruits

Anime Legends Simulator Expired Codes (April 2024)

If you want to test out any expired Anime Legends Simulator codes, we have a list. We wouldn’t get your hopes up since they are likely gone permanently, but there’s no harm in trying if you’re typing the above active codes anyhow.

Anime Legends Simulator Codes
UPDATE58Transfer Tokens and Boosts
PASSIVELUCKTransfer Tokens and Boosts
BossStudioLoyalsTransfer Tokens and Boosts
Update57Transfer Tokens and Boosts
KoroFightersSimFree rewards
VALENTINEFree rewards
Special15kFree rewards
BirthdayBoss19Free rewards
AFSComebackFree rewards
WinterEvent2 passive transfer tokens, 2 grimoire tokens, 2 clone tokens and 40 winter passive Reroll tokens
CreationAnniversary3x Grimoire Token, 2x Transfer Token, 3x Super Lucky, and 3x Super Time
AFS20245x Transfer Token, 5x Shiny Boost, 5x Grimoire Token, 3x Super Lucky Boost
HappyChristmas2 Shiny Pots, 2 Transfer Tokens, and 2 Grimoire Tokens
DelayApology5 Passive Transfer Tokens, 5 Shiny Potions, and 4 Grimoire Tokens
Update513 Shiny Boosts
SuperApology6 Passive Transfer Tokens
DelayUPD512 Grimoire Tokens
Pregame_U8zKL10 Passive Transfer Tokens or 2 Shiny Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boosts
TRANSFERSFree rewards
SHINIESFree rewards
ZnxCvb95 Passive Transfer Tokens and 2 Super Drop Boosts or 2 Super Damage Boosts, 2 Super Luck Boosts
SorryForBugs+2 Super Luck Boosts / +2 Super Drops Boosts
AFSUpd50Normal Mode code
2DaMoonHardcore Mode code
brandonha_0210x2 Passive Transfer Token, Super Drop Boost, Super Luck Boost, and Super Time Boost
CastlevaniaHypex5 Passive Transfer Token
Update49x3 Super Luck Boost, x2 Super Time Boost, x1 Super Drops Boost
Update48Temporary x5 ALL for halloween
HAPPYHALLOWEENTemporary x5 ALL for halloween
DelayedHalloween5 Passive Transfer Tokens
RobloxFixed3 Passive Transfer Tokens, 2 Super Drop Boost and 2 Super Time Boost
Update47x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts
Update46x2 Passive Transfer Tokens, x2 Super Drop Boost, and x2 Super Time Boosts
1MILLIONLIKES10 Passive Transfer Tokens, 1 Super Drop Boost
SorryUpdate465 Passive Transfer Tokens, 2 Super Time Boosts
UPDATE45Transfer Tokens
SorryForDelay2 Transfer Tokens
Update44Released1 Super Time Boost
Kekeke2 Time Boost, 1 Transfer Token, and 1 Drop Boost
QOLChangesDungeon CD Reset & 1 Time Boost & 1 Passive Transfer Token
Update44+1 Passive Transfer Token
DungeonCDRESETDungeon Reset
ResetDungeonCDDungeon Cooldown Reset
BlastOff20231 Super Time Boost, 1 Super Luck Boost
BuffPatchFree rewards
Update40Free rewards
Summer2023+2 Summer 2023 Passive Reroll Tokens
InfiniteBalanceSuper Drop Boost
INFINITYpatchLuck Boost, 2x Clone Tokens, Dungeon Reset
SorryDelay2x Clone Tokens, Dungeon Reset
UPD372x Avatar Coins, Dungeon Summon, Dungeon Reset
DungeonRecoveryDungeon Cooldown Reset, 2x Dungeon Token, Shiny Boost, Luck Boost
DataFixed2 Avatar Coins
100KPlayers3 Clone Tokens
KingIsBack15 mins of Luck Boost
BrazilOnTOPAvatar Coins
25kPlayers25 Passive Tokens, 1 Sh

Redeeming Anime Legends Simulator Coupons

What good are gift codes you can’t redeem? Follow these steps to acquire free stuff:

Anime Legends Simulator
  • Launch Roblox and locate Anime Legends Simulator
  • When in Anime Legends Simulator press the treasure box on the right of your screen
  • A new window will open, click the blue bird on the left hand side and enter one of the codes above and redeem for your rewards

This completes our collection of Anime Legends Simulator codes, including current and expired codes. Free in-game goodies.

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