How To Find AirPods Case Within Few Minutes

How To Find AirPods Case: Your AirPods case was lost. Do not worry; this is how you may find your missing case. And some advice so you won’t misplace it ever again!

Anyone who loses their AirPods case may become anxious, especially since it is practically necessary for using the headphones. Your AirPods case is necessary in addition to charging in order to reset and pair your AirPods.

Unfortunately, losing the AirPods case is one of the most frequent occurrences that any owner of an AirPods will go through. So much so that sales of replacement AirPods and cases brought in up to $700 million for Apple in 2019.

Don’t rush out and buy an AirPods case as quickly. There are multiple methods you can try in order to locate one for yourself and this post will guide you.

How To Find AirPods Case
How To Find AirPods Case

How To Find AirPods Case: Complete Detailed Process

Before I continue, it’s essential that we all remember that most often the Find My app won’t help if the Airpods case had already vanished without your having started it or enabled it. Only in such instances would it prove useful.

How to locate the AirPods case that contains them

Find My app can easily locate an Airpod case anywhere around you if at least one Airpod is inside it, no matter the distance. Proceed as follows:

  • Start up the “Find My” app on any Mac, iPhone, or iPad to access this service. Logging in requires your Apple ID and password when connecting from an iPhone/iPad.
  • Accessing iCloud on a Mac is straightforward: select it from the menu bar enter your Apple ID and password credentials and accessing.
  • Once in “Devices,” click your Airpods, which will reveal their current location along with information regarding when and where they were last seen by the app.
  • Simply go get them back immediately; “Directions” will provide an interactive map showing their last known location.
  • Once there, you have the option of “Play a Sound” so as to quickly locate them should they be close by.

Can My Lost Airpod Case Be Tracked?

You can only track your Airpod case if it contains at least one Airpod, as I have already indicated. The Find My app will not be able to assist you in locating the case if both Airpods are missing.

The charging cover simply has a normal chip, unlike the Airpods, which include Apple’s H1 processor. This implies that it cannot be located like the Airpods and connected to the internet.

Additionally, the enclosure lacks Bluetooth compatibility. So you can’t even use monitoring apps from third parties to find it.

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What Happens if the Find My App Can’t Find My AirPods?

Your Airpods and/or Airpod case might not always be listed under “Devices” in the Find My app. This occurs if the case and the AirPods lose power or become inactive.

You may then see “No Location Found,” “Offline,” or their most recent location. The good news is that you can still find their last known location using the app.

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What if I don’t have access to WiFi or a cellular network?

Even if your WiFi or cellular network goes down you can still locate your AirPods case using Find My Network on whatever device was previously being used to use them. In order to do so launch this feature from that device you were previously using them with.

Launch Settings on your device then enter your name to access. Begin searching for My by toggling on Find My (device) by tapping and selecting it as soon as you see My. Now activate Find My Network so the location of your Airpod case can be seen clearly.

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If my AirPods are offline, how can I find my case?

If your AirPods are unconnected the Find My app can display their last known location and time. On Mac OS this information can also be found by accessing Devices.

Without my iPhone, where can I find my AirPods case?

The following process can assist you to solve your issue.

  • Need your Airpods case? No worries; its contents remain accessible via
  • This requires a computer and internet. Use Find My iPhone on with your Apple ID and password for log-in; if there are multiple Apple IDs associated with different Airpod cases that you are searching for.
  • After clicking “All Devices”, a list of every device connected to your account will appear, including Airpods case(s). Your Airpods will also be shown on a map along with every other connected to iCloud account.
  • Clicking on the case allows you to see its current location and last sighting time, while Airpods can play sound alerts if they are near enough for easier locating.

How to Keep Your AirPods Safe

Use a case cover for your Airpods: There are various cases available with anti loss rings to attach your Airpods securely if they accidentally get dropped on the floor, increasing their odds of staying together if dropped.

Fix a lanyard to the case that hold your Airpods so that it stay close by wearing it around your neck so it will never go missing again.

Use a Tile Tracker: If you’re concerned about misplacing your Airpods, using a tiny Bluetooth tracker like this one may help. Simply attach it to your key chain or backpack for instant tracking capabilities.

A Tile tracker can help you retrieve an item if it becomes lost. Simply download and use the Tile app which will show where and when your item was last seen and how far away from you it is.

Set up a separation alert on your device: With this feature, you can specify the distance at which beeping will start when someone walks past it – this way if AirPods ever leave your line of sight, they’ll alert you as soon as they’ve gone out of view making sure at least one case contains at least one AirPod won’t get misplaced!

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