Overwolf Warzone Tracker: How to Download?

Overwolf Warzone Tracker: While various websites currently provide this service, Warzone players have long requested that its creators implement an enhanced stat tracker than what’s currently available.

Players need to access third-party websites like Overwolf Tracker for gaming; since that website went offline there hasn’t been an ideal replacement solution available to them. Activision recently granted Overwolf their blessing and allowed the website to reopen for business allowing Overwolf tracker back online as the go-to solution.

Overwolf Warzone Tracker
Warzone tracker

COD: Warzone Tracker System

Stat Trackers have become an indispensable component of Call of Duty: Warzone over the last year. At Checkmate Gaming a Warzone tracker was implemented so players may easily monitor their statistics during matches in Warzone.

Who can use warzone tracker?

Are You Wanting To Keep Track Of Your Stats And Compare them Against Others? Navigating to Your Profile, clicking each game card where a statistic tracker exists and clicking “Stats,” this will compile statistics for that game and also be available via navigation menu on top. Lastly, your Statistics Tracker can be seen via top menu navigation as an alternate means.

  • Simply click on the “more” button to explore your own statistics.
  • Here you will discover a feature known as the Stat Tracker.
  • Searching Call of Duty players whose public profiles exist allows you to see their statistics.

Use the stat tracker that we have here on Checkmate Gaming. This includes not only your own stats but also those of anyone else you want to look up!

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Statistical Data for Call of Duty Players

Have you been curious about your highest kill game when playing Call of Duty: Warzone? At Checkmate Gaming, our stat tracker can give you insight into your performance in Warzone. This includes tracking statistics such as overall kill count, times you have died and kill-to-death ratio; more specific details, like weapon use statistics can also be provided as additional insight beyond basic info provided.

Do you want to compare your accuracy with the Krig to that of the MP5?

Checkmate Gaming Stat Tracker makes this possible now; it will show every match that you have participated in as well as who else was in it and other details. Keep track of your winning streak to try to win as many games consecutively as possible; or keep tabs on wins/losses, kills/deaths, total time played, weapons used, greatest kill games and longest win streaks to see who possesses more impressive statistics! We cannot determine who among you and your friends has more talent; use Warzone Stat Tracker instead to see who now possesses more impressive stats!

Call of Duty: Warzone Leaderboards

Are you hoping to compete on par with some of the finest Call of Duty: Warzone players worldwide? Take a look at the leaderboards to assess where you stand against legendary Call of Duty: Warzone players like Frozone, HusKers and MuTeX – among many others! Legendary117 currently sits with almost 99,000 kills; do you think Legendary117 can reach 100,000 kills soon and who do you consider the top player overall? Checkmate Gaming offers a stat tracker specifically dedicated to Call of Duty: Warzone that allows players to keep tabs on all their opponents so they don’t lose time while waiting.

PS4, Xbox One, and PC COD Warzone Stat Tracker

No matter the gaming platform, Checkmate Gaming Stat Tracker can keep track of your statistics regardless. Thanks to a recently implemented feature allowing cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, cross-play between these systems is now possible with Checkmate Gaming’s Stat Tracker. Checkmate Gaming also provides free head-to-head XP matches, challenge matches for cash rewards, as well as daily tournaments for Call of Duty: Warzone across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

How to Download the Overwolf Warzone tracker

For PC users the Overwolf Warzone tracker is a free program that is only available. Using the Overwolf website download link you may easily download and install the software on your PC.

The Warzone tracker may be downloaded in three easy steps:

  • To initiate the download safely and without cost, just click on the “download” button.
  • After that, run a quick intel on your PC in order to activate the tracker.
  • Just hop into any Warzone match and the tracker will launch and detect your account immediately.

The Overwolf Warzone tracker can be downloaded and used in time for Season 5, so there you have it.


After reading through our comprehensive guide Overwolf Warzone Tracker: How to Download we hope that you now have an improved grasp on this subject matter. Should any issues or queries arise with any part of this content feel free to post comment below; we will do everything possible to assist.

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