Guide to Argos Phase 2 Callouts in full Guide (February 2023)

If you’re seeking for Argos Phase 2 Callouts, welcome to This post will go through the Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Callouts in great detail.

You may advance to Argos Phase 2 (also known as Argos P2) in the Lost Ark game after completing Argos Phase 1. We provide these to you here to illustrate Argos Phase 2 Callouts in Lost Ark.

Argos Phase 2 Callouts

The following is a list of callouts for Lost Ark Argos Phase 2.

  • Arrow 1/5/7/11
  • spheres (orbs collect)
  • Sun (Since I am the moon, I have nothing to do on the side.)
  • Numerous bookcases (corners stacks)
  • the central (inside stand)
  • exterior of the home (outside stand)
Guide to Argos Phase 2 Callouts in full Guide (July 2022)

How to Get Argos Phase 2 Callouts Availability?

Phase two of Argos must be completed on every run in order to proceed. The inclusion of teleporting a party to a separate platform to battle a new in-game monster while the remaining in-game party battles Argos is part of phase two’s night/day features.

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What are the Argos phases?

A different set of equipment is needed at each stage of the Argos assault on the Lost Ark. That implies that you can’t just read them all at once.

You may begin the first two stages with an item level of 1370, however the third phase requires 1400 GS. You’ll have two teams of four members with eight total in your group.

Would you choose P2 if P1 Argos were the situation?

According to the game, unless you restart the game after finishing the first phase of Argos, you are unable to try the second and third stages. You won’t be locked out if you haven’t completed all three steps.

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