Exquisite Violence: Meet Manon, a new character in Street Fighter 6

Exquisite Violence Manon Street Fighter 6: This year’s Game Awards gave us our first glimpse at some of the new characters that will be joining the fight in Capcom’s upcoming brawler Street Fighter 6. Despite the fact that we’ve met (and even touched) folks like Luke and Jamie before. One familiar face joined three unfamiliar ones in the new trailer. Let’s have a quick look at Manon, the multi-talented mauler, today.

Exquisite Violence: Introducing New Character Manon In Street Fighter 6

Manon, a French native and one of the very few World Warriors, has numerous responsibilities at such a young age. This newcomer is not only a master of martial arts, but also a trained dancer who excels in the ballet tradition. Manon is also a working model, her stunning appearance appearing in publications all over the world. Manon is a world-class judoka who proudly displays her gold medal; by combining her martial arts training, dance background, and catwalk experience, she has become arguably the most lethal fashion model in existence.

Exquisite Violence: Meet Manon, a new character in Street Fighter 6

Released Trailer

Even though a full trailer for Manon has not yet been released, we can tell from the numerous clips shared by Capcom that she is an acrobatic grappler, presumably designed in the vein of an R. Mika or a Laura Matsuda. Manon uses her long, muscular limbs to ensnare her foe and draw them in for a series of devastating throws. With her ballet training, Manon is able to move with distracting fluidity and delicate grace, in contrast to her judo, which may break bones. Manon, who seems to feel right at home in front of the camera, will grab any chance she gets to make a pose, and she supposedly even encourages her poor opponent to do the same!

Manon appears to be a peculiar feline, and maybe the slimmest grappler in Street Fighter lore. Her lengthy arms and legs make her a menace at deceptive ranges, and her ability to essentially “rope in” fleeing opponents is an interesting mechanic. But our girl is always prepared to pose for the cameras, turning any street in Metro City into a catwalk.

On July 2, 2023, Street Fighter 6 will be available for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Check out our other stories on the game’s current condition, including 50 things I loved in the beta, CJ Andriessen’s thoughts on the modern control system, and a list of dos and don’ts for the new sequel.

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