Squirrel with a Gun: Game that is about what it sounds like

Squirrel with a Gun is a Steam game about a gun-toting squirrel. Not a squirrel-sized gun, but a person-sized weapon it can use to steal people, solve riddles, and combat men in black-style federal officials.

What may have begun as a prank is now legitimate, with a Steam page and everything. It’ll have humorous shooting, action fighting, and puzzle-solving in a suburban neighbourhood.

As a squirrel, you can leap far, but employing gun recoil can allow crazy aerobatics. You may rob the neighbours or assist them and earn rewarded with these talents. The notion is thin, so if you’re not already on board, you probably won’t be now.

Daniel DeEntremont, the game’s creator, tweets. I don’t know whether this is the next Goat Simulator, but it made me laugh so hard that I’ll purchase it as a thank-you to an independent developer. “Good question!” is Squirrel with a Gun’s release date.

Squirrel with a Gun

About Squirrel with a Gun

Being a squirrel with a gun is entertaining but not simple.

A sandbox game called Squirrel with a Gun emphasises exploration and shooting battles.

Use a variety of weaponry to protect yourself against chance encounters with Agents. Make excellent use of time to parry their melee punches and take them down.
Use your innate ability as a squirrel to climb and leap between levels. Utilize the weapon’s recoil to bridge even wider distances. View the area from the perspective of a squirrel.
Talk to the locals and offer them assistance in exchange for goods. or con them for gifts.

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