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Squirrel with a Gun: Game that is about what it sounds like


Squirrel With a Gun is a Steam game about an arm-waiving squirrel who uses human-sized weapons to steal people, solve riddles and battle federal officials.

What may have started out as an amusing joke is now officially legal with its own Steam page and will feature hilarious shooting, action fighting and puzzle solving within an aesthetically pleasing suburban neighbourhood setting.

As a squirrel, you can leap far, but gun recoil can allow for stunning aerobatics. Use your skills to rob neighbours or help them out as necessary to earn rewards with them – the concept’s not convincing so if it hasn’t captured you yet it likely won’t now.


Daniel DeEntremont, creator of Squirrel with a Gun, tweeted this game as it made me laugh so hard: I don’t know whether this will become Goat Simulator 2, but it made me so laugh-out-loud I will purchase it as a thank-you to an independent developer. “Good Question!” marks its release date.

Squirrel with a Gun

About Squirrel with a Gun

Being an animal with an arsenal can be enjoyable but is far from straightforward.

Squirrel with a Gun is an immersive sandbox game which emphasizes exploration and shooting battles.

  • Take steps to protect yourself against Agents using different weapons and make the best use of time to counter their melee punches and take down opponents.
  • Utilise your natural abilities as a squirrel to traverse between levels quickly, using weapon recoil as bridge to bridge even longer gaps between levels. Study the area from its perspective as seen from above as well. Communicate with locals offering them assistance for goods exchange or gifts as an exchange or con them into giving gifts in return.

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