Hardwood Valley Stardew Where and How to Get and Use

Hardwood Valley Stardew: If it comes to craft recipes, such as gates, fences, along with an array of different items in Stardew Valley, wood gets a vital part instead. What if it is not standard wood? Ordinarily, you can’t obtain ample wood by merely cutting the trees down offered on your farm. Consequently, you want various other procedures to acquire the hardwood.

Hardwood isn’t like timber but a far more powerful than wood together with an epitome degree of attractiveness. Even though it hasn’t as many advantages as timber, nothing can substitute its position whenever you require hardwood. Here are some ways you can get hardwood and the suggestions to use it sensibly. stardew valley hardwood

Hardwood Valley Stardew: Where and How to Get and Use

Where do you Using wood?

Hardwood truly lives up to its name by embodying the importance of this block of wood. As such, you can utilize hardwood in crafting and creating many rare and special recipes. Here is a list of things in which you can using wood:

Farmhouse update

If it comes to the next farmhouse update, you will need 150 hardwood. With this update, you can get two new chambers and into your residence, together with a vast bedroom and kitchen. As visible in the title, steady is the building where you can have a horse. To create security, you require five iron bars and 100 wood to finish the crafting process. (When you complete construction of steady, you’ll find the horse there and then).

Cheese media

Cheese presses are essential tools for turning milk into cheese. To construct one, you’ll need 45 timbers, 45 stones, one aluminum bar and ten hardwood pieces.

Oil Manufacturer

Oil manufacturer is a machine designed to create gourmet truffle oil. It requires 50 slimes, one golden bar, and 20 hardwood components – as its name implies.

Hardwood fence / Cork bobber

Hardwood fencing is the strongest hardwood recipe, requiring one hardwood for each piece. Fishing by cork bobber in Stardew Valley can be enhanced by increasing the size of the fishing pub. Another useful instrument in fishing in Stardew Valley would be a worm bin; this device generates bait frequently and you can utilize it while fishing. Gold bar, iron bar, 50 fiber and 25 hardwood are essential ingredients when crafting one worm bin. Stardew Valley hardwood products:

Worm bin/ Totems/ Cask

The rain totem is the fourth person in Stardew Valley and requires one hardwood as well as other necessary resources. Aged items like wine, can be aged to use cask anytime with 20 timber pieces plus one hardwood piece for managing it. Each benefit from wood has its own benefits in Stardew Valley; all equipment and items have various uses and provide ample opportunities for gambling when such matters are desired.

What do I do to find hardwood, and is there a reliable source or will I find it quickly? Read this advice, and you’ll have all your answers at once.

Where can I find lots of wood within Stardew Valley?

The most reliable place to locate Large Stumps consistently is the Secret Woods located in the northwestern part of Cindersap Forest. Six large Stumps come back every day, and this allows players to obtain the equivalent of twelve pieces Hardwood each time they visit.

What’s the fastest method to acquire the Hardwood you need for Stardew Valley?

The most efficient method to do the task is cutting a mahogany tree with an axe. If you want to miss a large stump, you’ll require a Copper Axe or any better Axe. Cutting a vast log involves using a Steel Axe or better equipment. It is also possible to find Hardwood by looking in the Secret Woods.

Are there hardwoods available for purchase in Stardew?

Unfortunately, Hardwood is not available everywhere; however, a few trustworthy sources are available to purchase the rare wood. Chopping down large Stumps The stumps you find on your farm aren’t meant to be a showpiece, and you can chop them down using the help of a copper axe, and you can obtain two pieces of wood per stump.


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