Low Tier God Net Worth 2024: Biography, Career, and More

Low Tier God Net Worth: Dalauan Sparrow, popularly known as Low Tier God online, is a YouTuber and gamer from the United States who is best known for his engagement in the Street Fighter fighting game community.

Dale Wilson, aka Dalauan Sparrow, is a Youtube personality and streamer who specializes in fighting game-related material, primarily Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though he has also dabbled with reaction videos, roasts, fitness, and vlogs.

According to both his supporters and detractors, LTG is a contentious figure in the fighting game community, noted for his bluntness, unashamed confidence, poisonous conduct, unusual persona, and low tolerance for anything that irritates him, be it a character, method, game, or individual.

Low Tier God Net Worth
Low Tier God Net Worth

What is Low Tier God’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Full Name:Low Tier God
Profession:Gamer, Youtuber
Monthly Income:Not Known
Country:United States


In 2014, Sparrow had a noteworthy feud with Viscant, another member of the fighting game community. The feud began after a few matches resulted in the two trash-talking each other online, and it eventually ended in a grudge match staged by Wednesday Night Fights, in which Sparrow lost to Viscant.

After claiming that no Super Smash Bros. player could beat him in Street Fighter V, Sparrow battled against Jason “ANTi” Bates. In the series, Bates overcame Sparrow, including a perfect round.

During a livestream in April 2020, Sparrow made homophobic and transphobic remarks about gamer Christina “CeroBlast” Tran. Sparrow later brought up Tran’s racist remarks. Both players were then barred from competing in Capcom’s fighting game tournaments. According to Vice Media and Polygon, Tran’s racist remarks received far less attention than Sparrow’s transphobic remarks after the incident. Capcom later unbanned Tran when she “showed regret” for her inappropriate behaviour, but Sparrow’s suspension remains in effect. 

LowTierGod is well-known for being a rage-quitter, and he frequently blacklists opponents who defeat him in games in order to avoid seeing them again

About: Low Tier God Net Worth

Net Worth$1 Million
Full NameDalauan Sparrow
Age39 Years Old
Height(1.95 m)
Weight75KG (Approx)
ProfessionGamer, Youtuber
Date Of Birth19 November 1984
BirthplaceUnited States

A Biography of a Low-Level God

Low Tier God is a well-known YouTube personality who was born in the United States on November 19, 1990. Low Tier God is a YouTube celebrity who rose to stardom as a result of his channel. He has almost 7 million cumulative views thanks to his gaming industry news conversations, title reviews, and trailer reactions. Low Tier: God’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, according to astrologers. He grew up in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as a low-tier God?

Dale Wilson, as Dalauan Sparrow, is the alias of Dale Wilson, nicknamed Dalauan Sparrow, a Youtube personality and streamer who specialises in fighting game material, primarily Street Fighter V, though he has also dabbled with reaction videos, roasts, fitness, and vlogs.

What is the real name of the low-tier god?

Dalauan Sparrow

Is LTG a convicted felon?

Because LTG is a convicted felon, he is in his usual black mode. In any case, he has a felony on his record, which led to his losing his employment at Walmart at the time.

What exactly does the term “low tier” imply?

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  1. His real name is actually Dale Emmanuel Wilson, since he has never legally changed his name, and his net worth is roughly $19,000-$22,000, nowhere near 1 Mil


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