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Justice Sucks, a Killer Vacuum Game, is Released this Month

Justice Sucks: Stealth games may be messy. Nobody wants to spend a water arrow wiping away blood when they might be lighting a torch to stab the next guard. The bathtub already holds five bodies, therefore you can’t drop the body there. Be a vacuum.

Justice Sucks

In Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action, you play as an assassinating roomba. Building on a little experimental game called Roombo: First Blood that Samurai Punk launched in 2019, this one blends Dishonored’s sneak-murdering thrill with the gratification of cleaning up. Once you’ve drenched the pastel countryside with blood, you may glide over crimson pools to wipe them away, like on TV. Much though it appears to spread even more blood when you do, you can mulch corpses, possibly with some sort of $9.99 connection.

Release of Justice Sucks

The premise of Justice Sucks is that you get caught in “the TV dimension,” most likely while watching a series of Bruce Willis action movies from the 1990s, in which he repeatedly beats up bad guys. You may call “your fighting spirit, Sexy McClean,” a muscleman from an anime series about striking people, to assist you in murdering your way back to reality. Animals may also be your friends. In Justice Sucks, you can weaponize cats to dismember guys, and I’ve seen lots of lovely movies where a cat mounts a roomba. On September 8, Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action will be available on Steam(opens in new tab). Cartoon Violence is included under the adult content description, which seems to be another way of stating “you can turn people into steaks and eat them.”

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