Final Fantasy 16 bypasses Square Enix’s TGS booth

Final Fantasy 16: Fans of Japanese role-playing games are anticipating the release, but it seems like Square Enix will be placing more of an emphasis on other titles at Tokyo Game Show.

Final Fantasy 16 fans have been impatiently expecting its 2020 teaser. With the game’s release date approaching, many expected to see something new at TGS.

The game won’t be shown at the Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix will be attending but will concentrate on other games.
Fans were stunned to find Final Fantasy 16 absent from Square Enix’s TGS list. It’s not forgotten, however. Square Enix will unveil Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, and Final Fantasy 14, its MMORPG. Multiple Dragon Quest titles will also be included. Final Fantasy 16 missing TGS is unclear.

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16: When will the Game Arrive?

The game will likely arrive before next year’s TGS in mid-2023. Given Square Enix’s reputation as a JRPG developer, some fear the game’s delay.

Since Final Fantasy 15, announcements have altered. The COVID-19 epidemic made in-person disclosures difficult or impossible for businesses like Sony and Nintendo. With a global following, Square Enix may be saving any fresh Final Fantasy 16 surprises for a web broadcast.

Final Fantasy 16’s production cycle hasn’t been as difficult as Final Fantasy 15, which was delayed for a decade and rebranded before its release. Even still, Final Fantasy fans may be concerned that big delays might hit again. FF16 fans will have to wait, but the series will certainly have a lot to offer at TGS, given the quantity of Final Fantasy 7 spin-offs and Final Fantasy 14 games.

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