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Square Enix President Pens a New Year’s Letter All About NFTs


Square Enix President Pens Yosuke Matsuda began 2023 with an obituary for the new year that highlighted their growing focus on nanofibres (NFTs), blockchain games, and the metaverse.

Matsuda began his message by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and noting that the metaverse would be a major topic in 2021, prompting an animated conversation about its nature and potential business benefits.

Square Enix President Pens a New Year's Letter All About NFTs

He also discussed Facebook’s name change from Meta to Facebook as further proof that this concept is here for good and not just a passing fad. As such, 2021 will be officially known as “Metaverse The Year of Meta. Square Enix President Pens”


Matsuda anticipates that with recent advancements in “extended realities (XR) technology, as well as 5G and cloud adoption, more advanced blockchain technology, and other technological breakthroughs across various sectors over the past few months,” the metaverse will “likely enter a significant commercial phase by 2023 with an array of services entering the market.”

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