Square Enix President Pens Yosuke Matsuda began 2022 with an obituary for the new year that focuses on the company’s growing focus on NFTs and blockchain games as well as the metaverse.

Square Enix President Pens a New Year's Letter All About NFTs

Matsuda opened with the note by greeting everyone with a Happy New Year and stating that the metaverse would be “a major topic in 2021 that will spark the world to engage in a lively discussion about what the metaverse actually is and the kind of opportunities for business it can offer.”

He also referred to the change in Facebook’s name in the name change to Meta. He said that it was just one more piece of “evidence that the idea is not just a flimsy buzzword, but one that is will be around for a while” and how this interest has led to 2021 being named”the “Metaverse The Year of Meta. Square Enix President Pens”

With the advancements made in “extended realities (XR) technology as well as the rising use of 5G and the cloud and more advanced blockchain technology, and the other technological advancements which have been taking place across a range of sectors over the past few months,” Matsuda believes that the metaverse will “likely undergo a significant shift into a commercial phase by 2022 with a broad array of services coming onto the market.”

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