Rap Star Snoop Dogg Believes Crypto Industry Will Bounce Back: Crash ‘Weeded’ Out Bad Apples

Rap Star Snoop Dogg Believes Crypto Industry Will Bounce Back: Snoop Dogg feels the current cryptocurrency meltdown is only transitory and that the ecosystem will eventually recover. On Tuesday, the hip-hop recording artist talked to CNBC about how he feels about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Snoop said that the intellectual property (IP) ideas and “being able to own and control the full IP and not be used as a face or marketing tool… but to truly be the owner, the CEO” were what drew him to the digital collectibles area when talking about NFTs.

When asked about it, Snoop said that he doesn’t believe the current crypto market slump will endure for very long.

Snoop Says Crypto Crash Is Transitory and Great Choices Will Follow the Aftermath

It’s a crypto… You’re aware that it’s crypto, right? Snoop asked the CNBC reporter in jest. “I think the industry that was produced was magnificent. Every successful industry, in my opinion, has seen a decline; you can always find a depression in any given field. The rapper continued, “Alcohol, tobacco, clothing, and food.

Snoop went on to say that he believes the crash is purging the sector of bad actors. The entrepreneur and recording artist emphasised:

Rap Star Snoop Dogg Believes Crypto Industry Will Bounce Back
Rap Star Snoop Dogg Believes Crypto Industry Will Bounce Back

I simply think that this “weeded out” everyone who wasn’t supposed to be in that area as well as everyone who was exploiting the chances that were available. It will now generate fantastic business, and going forward, the market will offer fantastic options.

Snoop claims that music labels will need to participate in discussions on NFTs because hip-hop recording artists have been interested in bitcoin since 2013.

Hip-Hop Recording Artist Has Been Into Bitcoin Since 2013, Snoop Says Music Labels Will Have to Come to the Table When It Comes to NFTs

Snoop is not only a pioneering rapper who has sold 35 million records globallys, but he has also been active in the digital currency sector for a very long time. One of the first rappers in hip hop to take bitcoin (BTC) as payment for one of his studio albums was the musician.

Snoop Dogg thinks the cryptocurrency market will recover since the crash “weeded out” the bad actors.

After releasing his 12th album as “Snoop Lion” in 2013, Snoop stated that he wants to accept Bitcoin for payments for his upcoming album. “My next record available in bitcoin and delivered in a drone,” the rapper tweeted at the time.The cryptocurrency companies Bitpay and Coinbase reacted to Snoop’s post announcing his desire to take Bitcoin.

Snoop Dogg, hello. “We can assist you with that,” the Bitpay company with headquarters in Atlanta told the performer. Coinbase also said to Snoop, “We could make the bitcoin aspect a reality for you.”

The musician replied to both businesses and said he wanted to make it happen if they direct messaged him. Nobody knows for sure how many records the rapper sold in exchange for bitcoin, although one bitcoin address (from Snoop’s old QR code) indicates the rapper only made about 0.01245982 before giving up on the concept.

Snoop Dog Opinion About NFT Market

On Tuesday, Snoop was asked about his interest in NFTs. He expressed that NFTs will have an immense impact on the music industry as labels will eventually have to get involved. According to Snoop, brands must “go back home,” sit down at the table and recognize that blockchain provides a better home for their catalogs and other items than where they currently sit collecting dust,”

Snoop Dogg’s record company, Death Row Records, expressed support for NFTs (Networked Transactions). When asked if other record companies had sought his assistance on cryptocurrency projects, Snoop replied “All of them.” Champ Medici of Web3 Technology responded that not only record labels are using NFTs: movie studios, software businesses and beverage companies alike are flocking to Web3.

I just feel like this ‘weeded’ out all of the people that wasn’t supposed to be in that space and all the people who were abusing the opportunities that were there. Now its going to bring great business, and moving forward the market will have great things to pick and choose from.

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