Spiky Ball: Super Mario 3D Land 2024

Spiky Ball are blue spiked balls that bounce off of walls and tumble about. If a player makes contact with a Spiky Ball, they will be hurt. A Star must be used in order to beat a Spiked Ball. Spiky Balls are seen as more of an environmental element than an adversary since they move about and behave more like barriers.

More About Spiky Ball

Iron balls with white or silver spikes originally featured in Super Mario Bros. 3 as spiky balls. They were first hurled and spit out by Spikes, but they may now be discovered on their own. They typically show up in levels with castles where they roll about and demolish other barriers. Spike Balls are a kind of object that dangle from chains and swing in different directions. Stone Spikes spit forth Stone Spike Balls, which have the same impact as the metal balls. The Giant Spiked Ball, a bigger variation of the Spike Ball, is another kind of Spike Ball. Similar characteristics are present, but the devastation is more extensive. Invincible Mario can typically defeat spiky balls, but in some games, using the Super Star only shields Mario from harm.

Spiky Ball

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