Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Whole Guide for the Game 2024

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Pokemon Gold and Silver provide a completely new trek across Johto, unlike Pokemon Yellow. One hundred new Pokemon to capture and train! All set to collect the eight Johto League Badges and become the Johto Champion… and more!

The journey is linear, but you must repeat regions to obtain additional objects or unlock new passageways. The list below may help you get unstuck. Links lead to walkthrough pages.


New Bark Town:

Here we go. Before playing, you must pick the time of day and name your character following Professor Oak’s discourse on Pokemon secrets (or make one up yourself). Your mum has you set the day and DST from your room. She offers you a Pokegear phone and clock.

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough

Route 29:

From New Bark Town to Cherrygrove City. Take Route 46 west, not north. Combat the abundant Pidgeys and Sentrets to give your starter Pokemon battle experience. Nighttime Hoothoot is prevalent. If you’re desperate, you can capture a Hoothoot and teach it ‘Hypnosis,’ but only if you’re fighting a VERY powerful Pokémon. Early on, everything should be easy to kill. Use Elm’s computer to heal your Pokemon.

Cherrygrove City:

Guide Gent will tour you about Cherrygrove if you like. If you say “yes” to his offer, he’ll give you a Map Card for your Pokegear.

Route 30:

Cherrygrove City’s north exit goes to Violet City. The guy inside will give you a Berry. His tree has berries.

Back to New Bark Town:

When returning from Mr. Pokemon’s House on Route 30, you’re confronted by a boy using one of the two Pokemon you didn’t pick (the one your Pokemon is weak against). You should be able to defeat him if you’ve levelled up your Pokemon. Level up in thick grass. These fights give you experience. NEVER FIGHT A LEVEL 5 POKÉMON! You’re doomed. He’s ahead. After the fight, cops will interview you at Professor Elm’s Lab. Name him. Oak gave you a Pokedex, so Elm encourages you to tackle the “Pokemon Challenge.” Elm’s aide gives you five Poke Balls.

Route 31:

Here you’ll find Gold or Silver-exclusive Pokemon: Spinarak is a Gold-exclusive nighttime Pokémon, whereas Ledyba is a Silver-exclusive dawn Pokémon.

Violet City:

Falkner is the leader of the Violet Pokemon Gym. Unless you’ve trained your Pokemon, it’ll be challenging to overcome him and his two “bird keeper” aids in one try. If you want extra EXP, clear Sprout Tower before this gym. You may leave the gym to recuperate between fights with his “lieutenants.” Geodude should avoid Falkner’s Pidgeotto’s Mud-Slap.

Sprout Tower:

Sprout Tower is located northern Violet City. Get the Flash HM by winning. The “Sage” trainers here use only Grass-type Bellsprouts, so stick to flying Pokemon like Pidgey and Spearow (or the Fire-type Cyndaquil, provided you chose it to start with). Explore the tower to find a Parlyz Heal, X Defend, Potion, and Escape Rope.

Route 32:

Take the southbound road from Violet City’s Poke Mart. Take the Przcureberry on Route 32 to Azalea Town. If you chat to him, he’ll give you a Miracle Seed. Potion and Great Ball are in item balls, along with many youthful trainers. Use Grass-type Pokemon to combat their Water-types.

Ruins of Alph:

This section isn’t entirely explorable yet, but you may do the first puzzle. Solving the Kabuto-shaped sliding-tile puzzle will drop you into the ruins below, where you may collect Unown.

Go to the Alph Lab after you’ve captured at least three Unown. You’ll get a Pokedex update that shows Unown’s varied forms.

Puzzle answers are Pokemon pictures: Omanyte, Kabuto, Ho-oh, Charizard

Union Cave:

The next Gym challenge is via these caverns. While facing trainers here, explore the area for a Potion, Great Ball, X Attack, and Awakening. A ladder goes beyond Pokemaniac Larry to a deeper level of the cave, where you can discover an X Defend and TM39, which may give your Pokemon the Swift attack.

Route 33:

As you exit Union Cave upon Route 33, a PsnCureBerry tree awaits. Defeat Anthony and swap phone numbers; he’ll tell you when Dunsparce invade the Dark Cave. Short walk west to Azalea Town.

Azalea Town:

Poke Mart has new products. After completing a mission in the Ilex Forest, chat to the Charcoal Maker to earn one free.

Talk to Kurt in his north-end home. He’ll tell you how Team Rocket took all the Slowpokes. He leaves to rescue them. He’s at the Slowpoke Well at the town’s entrance. Before following him, take a white apricorn from behind his home.

Slowpoke Well:

Battle Team Rocket in the well and get the Super Potion. Kurt, a Poke Ball specialist, will offer you a Lure Ball.

After beating Team Rocket, you may catch Slowpoke here. In Gold and Silver, Slowbro can develop into Slowking, therefore it’s worth hunting.

Azalea Town Gym:

Now you may confront Bugsy in Azalea Town’s Pokemon Gym. Bring your Pidgey, Spearow, and/or Geodude to beat him. Scyther’s Fury Cutter method gains strength with each strike, so kill or sleep it immediately. When you win, he gives you the Hivebadge, which lets you manage Pokemon up to level 30 and use Cut outside of combat (by those Pokemon that know it). TM49 includes the Fury Cutter method.

Ilex Forest:

Follow the Farfetch’d to the Ilex Forest and deliver it to the charcoal maker’s apprentice. His master gives you HM01, which teaches Pokemon Cut. While pursuing the bird, look for the Revive-containing item ball in the forest. After capturing Farfetch’d, return to the Charcoal Maker’s home for a Charcoal.

Route 34:

In the guardhouse between the forest and Route 34, a woman with a Butterfree will offer you TM12 (Sweet Scent).

There are numerous junior trainers to combat, and the wild Pokemon are higher level than previously, providing you a chance to level up your Pokemon before moving on to the next gym (provided you can stand the annoyance of fighting so many Drowzees). You may also capture Abra, Ditto, and Drowzee to exchange for a Machop.

Goldenrod City:

You’ll have lots to do in Goldenrod City. Explore every building in this metropolis full with stores and personalities.

Route 35:

Route 35 is north of Goldenrod City. This short path is plenty with trainers to combat, and looping to the right will lead you to TM04 (Rollout), the Rock-type version of Fury Cutter. Nidorans of both sexes are prevalent along this path, and Bug Catcher Arnie will let you know when uncommon Yanma swarm.

National Park:

The National Park north of Route 35 has four additional trainers to challenge and a grass-type Sunkern. A lady sitting on a seat to the right will offer you a Quick Claw. Look for the fence hole in the upper-right corner of the circular plaza. Through here, you may circle right for a Parlyz Heal or left for a TM28 (Dig).

Route 36:

Proceeding east from the National Park leads you to short Route 36 and a few more trainers. Grab the Ice Berry and fight Mark and Alan. This is where you’ll meet Stantler and the first Fire-types (unless you began with Quilava): Growlithe (in Gold) or Vulpix (in Silver).

Route 37:

After the Sudowoodo, take Route 37 north to Ecruteak City.

The cluster of Apricorn trees in the upper-right corner is the route’s major attraction.

Ecruteak City:

The Poke Center at the entryway is only the beginning. Bill tells you the Time Capsules have been fixed inside. After talking to Bill, you may swap Pokemon via the Game Link connection between Gold and Silver and Red, Blue, and Yellow.

The Item Finder is in a home to the left of the Poke Center. Hidden things will beep.

Route 38:

Route 38, west of Ecruteak, has a Berry tree and several trainers to face.

You may catch Farfetch’d, Tauros, and Miltank. Chad will call you if Snubbull swarms appear.

Route 39:

North of this road, the MooMoo farm needs aid. Their Miltank needs Berries. Seven of them.

The tree outside only produces Mint Berries, so it may take a while to harvest enough. The farmer will offer you TM13 (Snore) and sell Milk, a potent restorative elixir, in return (but not as economical as Lemonade).

Olivine City:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: This city has a Poke Center, Poke Mart, and Gym, but no Gym Leader. She’s in the southeast Lighthouse. On the route, stop at several neighbourhood residences for photo ops. A fisherman’s home is beyond the gym. You can use the Good Rod to capture Krabby and, if you’re fortunate, Staryu in town (but only at night). Between the docks, rare Pokemon may be captured. Swap a Krabby for a Voltorb at the Lighthouse home. Finally, at Route 40’s west exit, pick up HM04 (Strength).

Routes 40 & 41:

Surf your way to Cianwood, but first use Rock Smash to find a Krabby or the new Shuckle! This path is full with Water-using Swimmer trainers. Without HM06’s Whirlpool, you can’t reach the islands.

Cianwood City:

Head to the south edge of town to collect the Secret Potion for Ampharos. Another house north of this one gives out free Shuckles. The photographer is up north. You can print Pokemon pictures and their stats using a Game Boy Printer.

Olivine City Gym:

Once you get Cianwood’s Secret Potion, you may face Jasmine here. She employs high-level, attack-resistant Steel-type Pokemon.

If you have a strong Ground-type Pokemon, it’s your best hope as it’s immune to Electric, but you may also attempt Fighting or Fire-types since Steel is weak against them too. A victory awards the Mineral Badge, which boosts your Pokemon’s Defense. She offers TM23 (Iron Tail).

Route 42:

From Ecruteak City, follow Route 42 east to Mahogany Town, but use Surf to cross the sea. You can’t enter the cave you pass without Waterfall (HM07). Grab the Ultra Ball and Super Potion and go east, facing trainers.

Mahogany Town:

Team Rocket has closed the Mahogany Town Gym and blocked Route 44.

You can only proceed north via the guard house. Until Team Rocket is defeated, the town’s item store will only sell a bizarre variety of things (see below).

Route 43:

Team Rocket has not only messed up Mahogany Town, but also this guard house. They charge 1,000 to pass. By going through the dense grass, you may dodge the toll and capture a rare new Pokemon. Trainers abound, and you may Surf west for a Bitter Berry. Just north of the guard house is a Max Ether item ball.

Lake of Rage:

This maze-like section helps Team Rocket escape Mahogany Town. The western entrance leads to a walkway with TM43 (Detect) and a home with TM10 (Hidden Power).

Team Rocket H.Q.:

Team Rocket set up a contraption underneath the Mahogany Town item store to drive the Lake of Rage’s Gyarados wild. You must go help them. The Squad has a pathological obsession with Poison-type Pokemon (including Rattata), so pick your team appropriately (Psychic is ideal, so level up your Abra/ Kadabra/ Alakazam).

Mahogany Town Gym:

After Team Rocket leaves, you may fight Pryce for the Glacier Badge. His gym floor is appropriately icy. This adds elegance, but makes traversing the gym more difficult than fighting Pokemon.

Return to Goldenrod:

Prof. Elm contacts you after you defeat Pryce to tell you Team Rocket has taken over the Goldenrod City Radio Tower. Bring your strongest Pokemon since you’ll need to face a wave of Rocket trainers to reach the executive disguised as the station director, who gives you the Underground Key.

Route 44:

With Team Rocket gone, you may get the last Johto badge. Mahogany Town’s east exit to Route 44 is open. This location has a Burnt Berry tree, an Ultra Ball, and trainers to combat. Use Surf to reach the grass in the centre of this route, otherwise you’ll miss the Max Revive and the only place to catch Lickitung. Fisher Wilton will let you know when Remoraid is in the area.

Ice Path:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Route 44’s cave opening leads to the Ice Path, a treacherous terrain similar to Pryce’s Gym. This section is larger and harder to traverse. While you’re sliding about, you’ll find unique new Pokemon. The first ice patch is minor and simple to pass. After climbing stairs, you’ll reach a bigger, tougher ice chamber. Getting stuck? Go to the upper-right corner of the chamber, then down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, and right. Before climbing the stairs, enter the right ice. You must have HM07 (Waterfall) to win. As you enter the ice, proceed up, left, down, left, up, and right.

Blackthorn City:

So: You’re nearly done with Johto League. First, explore. In the first structure, you may exchange a female Dragonair for a Rhydon. This city’s Poke Mart is full of amazing things; purchase as many Ultra Balls as you can if you want to capture Legendary Pokemon. Just west of the Mart is a residence where Pokemon may forget undesired HMs. This is important if you wish to exchange Pokemon with moves not in Red, Yellow, or Blue. Trade them in!

Mt. Mortar:

You should enter this dungeon from Route 42’s centre entrance. Bring Surf, Flash, and Waterfall Pokemon. If you wish to obtain a new Pokemon, bring just five (leave one slot open in your team).

Tin Tower:

Bring the Rainbow Wing to Ecruteak City to enter Tin Tower, home of Ho-oh. Pokemon Gold players will receive Rainbow Wing first (by forcing Team Rocket out of the Radio Tower), so they can capture Ho-oh and utilise it against the Elite Four. Rainbow Wing isn’t available until late in Pokemon Silver.

Whirl Islands:

Route 41 now has Whirlpool access to the Whirl Islands. These dungeons need Strength, Waterfall, and Surf. If you have the Silver Wing, you may call the Legendary Pokemon Lugia here and catch it with patience (and a little luck). Pokemon Silver players will earn the Silver Wing first (by pushing Team Rocket from the Radio Tower), so they can capture Lugia and utilise it against the Elite Four. Pokemon Gold players can’t obtain the Silver Wing until Pewter City.

Route 45:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Take Route 45 instead of flying to New Bark to capture Gilgar (in Pokemon Gold) and Phanpy (in Pokemon Silver), which develops into Donphan from the first Pokemon movie. This Route has several downhill dips, so you’ll need to fly back to Blackthorn City and traverse it twice or three ) to collect all the goods and trainers. The southeast tree produces Mystery Berries and has an Elixir, Max Potion, X Special, and Revive. You may fish for Dratini (with a Good Rod) or Dragonair close to the tree (if you have the Super Rod). Hiker Parry can tell you about Mt. Mortar’s Marill swarms.

Dark Cave:

Without Strength, Flash, and Surf, you couldn’t enter this location.

You may now harvest Potions, Hyper Potions, Full Heal, Revive, and TM13 (Snore). A person in the top left corner gives you Blackglasses, which boost Dark-type attacks.

When Dunsparce is swarming, you may catch it here (trade phone numbers with Anthony on Route 33 to find out when).

Route 46:

This path has a couple more trainers, another Dark Cave entrance, two berry trees, and a Dire Hit item ball. Follow Route 29 south to New Bark Town.

Route 26:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Prof. Elm will offer you a catch-every-time Master Ball when you return. Surf east to Route 26. This path is long and tough, so bring a strong crew and potions. There’s no Poke Center or challenging trainers here. You may get a free TM37 (Sandstorm) midway through if your lead Pokemon is happy. This approach needs a subterranean detour and the Waterfall method. Grab the Moon Stone in the area’s northwest corner and the Rare Candy at the conclusion. Whirlpool is needed to swim from the Route 26/27 bridge to the southeast portion of this route, where there is another trainer and TM22 (Solar Beam).

Route 27:

Route 27 is the game’s longest road. The “Days of the Week” siblings live behind some trees at the path’s beginning. You may see their schedule here. Near the route’s centre is a building with a healer and Ice Berry tree. After battling Beth, circle south to get a Max Elixir. This is a straightforward (and difficult) path to the Pokemon League. Before continuing on, make sure your Pokemon are healed and the game is saved.

Victory Road:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: The Indigo Plateau is your last obstacle. There’s a Full Restore, Full Heal, Max Revive, and X Special. After you combat the wild Pokemon here, your old pal??? appears for the last time in the main quest, although you’ll encounter him again later. Kadabra has joined his squad, so make sure your Gengar is there. If you want to make it through the Elite Four unscathed, you should be able to dump him by now. After finding the exit, double back and go west, falling into TM26 (Earthquake).

Indigo Plateau:

Finally! Your task awaits the Elite Four and the Champion. Stop at the merged Poke Mart and Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon, make team choices, and purchase potions. You can’t return here between the following five bouts (like in the gym), therefore you must heal yourself. Bring Full Heals, Full Restores, etc. to heal HP and statuses. If you’re not ready to confront the elites, an elderly guy will transfer you home to train. Why quit now?

S.S. Aqua:

Your quest just started. After winning the Johto League, take on the Kanto League and eight more badges (the ones from the original games). Prof. Elm will offer you the S.S. Ticket when you return to New Bark Town. Take the S.S. Aqua from Olivine City to Kanto. Unfortunately, the ferry only travels from Olivine to Vermilion on Mondays and Fridays.


Vermilion City:

The gym is about it here. There’s a Poke Mart and Pokemon Center, and if you visit the Pokemon Fan Club (north of the gym) and chat to the president about his love affair with Rapidash, you may get a free Rare Candy. You must wait until Sunday or Wednesday to return to Johto. Lt. Surge’s Electric Pokemon should be easy to fight if you beat the Elite Four and earned the Thunder Badge, which improves Pokemon speed.

Route 6:

It’s boring, but it’s your only option. Pokemon Silver players may capture a Meowth here if they don’t already.

Saffron City:

This enormous city is dull. A few buildings east of Route 6’s entrance is where you may get TM29 (Psychic). You can get an Up-Grade in the town centre (essential for developing Porygon when exchanged) and a Focus Band in the smaller gym (the one on the left). Sabrina, Psychic Pokemon’s mistress, lives in the bigger gym. Take the upper right, upper left, lower left, and lower left teleporters to reach her. You can defeat her Pokemon if you’re prepared (try catching a Dark-type Houndour on Route 7). Her Marsh Badge boosts Special Attack.

Route 7:

This isn’t our path, but it’s the first opportunity to capture Dark Pokemon (assuming you travel through here at night, that is). Flying Murkrow and Houndour are two of them. Pokemon hunt here, then travel to Route 8 from town.

Route 8:

Prepare Cut’s Pokemon for motorbike trainers. Wild Kadabras and Haunters may be caught here (the latter only at night), and there’s a Przcureberry tree near Lavender Town.

Lavender Town:

In northeastern Kanto, Lavender Town is close to the Rock Tunnel.

Lavender Town is noted for ghost sightings in the Pokémon Tower and as the major Pokémon graveyard in Generations I, III, and VII. In Generations II and IV, a radio station modernises the community. Citizens say the ghosts in the Tower are dead Pokémon.

Route 10 and Rock Tunnel are north of Lavender. West of the settlement is Route 8, while south is Route 12 and Silence Bridge.

Route 10:

Lavender’s little Route 10 leads to the Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel:

Flash is needed to navigate this dungeon, which leads to Route 9 and contains Elixir, Revive, PP Up, Iron, and TM47 (Steel Wing). Cubone and Kangaskhan can only be caught here.

Route 9:

After exiting the Rock Tunnel, surf to the south. There’s a power station with Cerulean City hints and a patch of grass (officially Route 10) where you can capture Electabuzz. You’ll need two to breed Elekid. After that, Surf west to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City:

First, discover the power plant thief. The thief is at the gym without Misty. When you arrive, he’ll flee, but the man outside will say he fled to Route 24. You’ll find him heading north. Defeat him in battle, and he’ll reveal the Machine Part’s location: the Cerulean Gym. Find it and bring it to the power plant. TM07 (Zap Cannon) is a strong but imprecise Electric attack. Now that the electricity is on, you may return the Copycat girl’s Clefairy Doll and pick up the Expn. Card at the Lavender Town Radio Tower. The train is currently running again, letting you to travel between Saffron and Goldenrod (no more waiting for the boat).

Routes 24 & 25:

You must fight several trainers to reach Misty. If you win, you receive a Nugget. The elderly guy house-sitting at Bill’s House on Route 25 will want to view your Pokemon. He won’t ask by name, but with a (simple) question. You’ll get an evolution stone if you bring him the proper one. After earning the Cascade Badge in Cerulean, go south to Route 5.

Route 5:

This shortcut between Cerulean and Saffron leads to Route 7 and Celadon City. The elderly lady will give you the Cleanse Tag if you descend the hills to her home. Equipped, it minimises wild Pokemon encounters.

Celadon City:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: This enormous city features a Poke Mart and a Game-style Game Corner, like Goldenrod (although here you can win different TMs as well as Porygon and Eevee). No tunnels, but a few surprises. A south end residence conducts an eating contest. Search the garbage for leftovers. This item lets Pokemon regain some HP each round in combat. Taking your Item Finder beyond this home into the woods will offer a PP Up. Finally, getting inside the north end mansion via the rear door (at night) will lead to a horrific narrative and TM03 (Curse).

Routes 16, 17 & 18:

Long ride down a trainer-lined slope (and a few rare Pokemon). Fuchsia City is east of the path’s end.

Fuchsia City:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Since the Safari Zone is closed, there’s not much to do in town but collect badges. Since ninja master Koga is now part of the Elite Four (you’ve beaten him), his daughter Janine has taken charge. Other trainers in this gym may disguise themselves as her, so you’ll have to fight to reach her. Bring your finest Psychic and Fire-type Pokemon and you should have no issue winning the Soul Badge and TM06 (Toxic).

Routes 12, 13, 14 & 15:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Fuchsia City’s east exit leads to Route 15, which leads to Diglett’s Cave through Vermilion. The long road is worth it for various reasons. This route begins with a PP Up (although some backtracking will be required). A female looks for Chansey on Route 14. Trade her your Aerodactyl for yours. Where is Chansey? She’s looking in thick grass. You’ll need persistence to find them. Route 13 is a labyrinth where you may locate hidden Calcium. Cut and Surf Route 12 for another Calcium and Nugget. The home in the centre of Route 11 stores the Super Rod, which lets you catch the greatest Pokemon while fishing. These routes also contain a dizzying number of junior trainers before the west-bound departure to Route 11.

Route 11:

Just a few trainers and a Berry tree. The sleeping Snorlax obstructing Diglett’s Cave. Tune your radio to the Flute station (if you got the Expn. Card at the Power Plant) and press “A.” It attacks after being awakened. This is the sole Snorlax in the game, so be cautious not to kill it. You get to keep the Pokemon’s leftovers if you capture it.

Diglett’s Cave:

This brief tunnel connects to Route 2. The only spot to capture Diglett and Dugtrio.

Route 2:

Diglett’s Cave ends on Route 2, where you may capture Pikachu. They’re scarce and low-level, so don’t kill them. You may breed two Pikachus using False Swipe to obtain Pichu. Talk to the man at Diglett’s Cave’s entrance. This path has a Max Potion, Carbos, Elixir, and Dire Hit. When you reach Pewter City, go north.

Pewter City:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: You must visit this town to fight for the Boulder Badge and chat to the elderly guy near Route 3’s exit. If you’re playing Pokemon Gold, he’ll gift you the Silver Wing (if playing Silver). Now catch the other Legendary Pokemon (Lugia for Gold players or Ho-oh for Silver). This Pokemon will be level 70, not 40 as before. A Pokemon Center trader will give you Rapidash for Gloom, but it seems pointless. Brock is still the gym leader, and he still deploys Ground and Rock-type Pokemon that your Grass-types can shred. Visit the northeast part of town for Mint and Ice Berries.

Route 3:

This little road goes to Mt. Moon’s entrance. Prepare to battle upon entering…

Mt. Moon:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Your opponent ambushes you at the cave opening. This is your last showdown (unless you choose to challenge him again later). He’s levelled up and developed his Pokemon, but this battle should be similar to the previous (in other words, you will beat him easily). Continue through the tunnel to the right to reach Mt. Moon, where a gift store (closed at night) and a small area host the Clefairy Dance on Monday evenings. Every time they dance, they leave a rock. Break it for a Moon Stone. Clefairy may be bred to produce Cleffa. The south cave entrance leads to the tunnel, where a short drop leads to Route 4.

Route 4:

This route connects Cerulean City to Mt. Moon. Before descending down the hill into the grass, take the HP Up in the northeast corner. Fly from Cerulean to Pewter City, then take Route 2 south to Viridian City.

Viridian City:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: Since the gym leader isn’t present, you may continue. The Trainer House in the heart of town lets you combat a replica of the previous Game Link or Mystery Gift opponent you battled. You’ll fight Cal if you haven’t employed these functions. You can only perform this once every day to give your Pokemon additional experience. Before leaving town, chat to the southwest person (use Surf or Cut to get to him). You’ll get TM42 (Dream Eater).

Route 1:

Pallet Town is a short walk away. A couple more trainers and a Bitter Berry tree near the first stretch of grass stand between you and the game’s finale.

Pallet Town:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: This village is where Pokemon started. Professor Oak will be here if you obtain all eight Kanto Badges, but for now the home to the left of Route 1 is the major attraction. If you visit between 3 and 4, the female will groom one of your Pokemon for free, making them like you more (and for some Pokemon, this is vital to getting them to evolve). Surf south to Route 21.

Route 21:

Waterway to Cinnabar Island. Explore the patch of grass at the north end of this region and you could encounter the bashful Mr. Mime.

Cinnabar Island:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: You’re searching for Blue, the Viridian City Gym leader, not the Pokemon Center. You will find him here staring out over the sea in serious meditation. Once talking to him here, he’ll return to the gym where you may battle him… after you locate Blaine. Use your Super Rod to catch rare Pokemon.

Routes 19 & 20:

Surf through Cinnabar Island to meet Blaine, the Fire-type Pokemon master. His gym is a small cave, thus Water Pokemon should do well. You’re ready to confront Blue for the last Kanto Badge with the Volcano Badge.

Route 22:

This short, vacant route connects Viridian City to the Pokemon League. Your last test is just a few wild Pokemon away.

Route 28:

Pokemon Gold Walkthrough: This path goes to Mt. Silver and the last fight if you cross the west receiving area. You’ll meet several challenging wild Pokemon, including the Dark/Ice-type Sneasel your opponent has been deploying against you. This Route has a Pokemon Center, so you can level up your Pokemon. Near the middle of this region is a home where a lady will offer you TM47 (Steel Wing). Turn right from her door to discover a Rare Candy in the woods. When ready, climb Mt. Silver…

Mt. Silver:

The last zone in the game requires Flash, Surf, and Waterfall. A few uncommon Pokemon remain, including one that only appears at night. Max Elixir, Escape Rope, X Accuracy, Full Restore, and Max Revive are spread.

This is the whole game guide for Pokemon Gold Walkthrough, i hope you enjoy.

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