Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Which one is the Best?

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Apple’s largest tech rivalry is with Google’s Android handsets. Apple’s software also competes with Android applications, such Apple Maps vs. Google Maps.

Online maps transformed travel. They help us explore new places with nearby suggestions, avoid traffic jams on our normal routes, and find out when public transit ends for the night.

Each map app is different. iOS and Android have improved their mapping applications, but it’s hard to determine which one is superior.
We’ll compare Apple Maps with Google Maps to help you decide which to use. Is there a clear winner, or will it be subjective?

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Precision

In iOS 6, Apple Maps launched with faulty, inaccurately labelled maps. Apple and Google’s applications are now nearly equally accurate after years of improvements.

Using cycling routes and 3D maps on your iPad or other Apple device is fantastic, except for a few tiny problems when looking for a road in your area and getting a comparable road in another nation.

Google Maps updates its app faster when a new road or local company alters its information. Google Maps can crowdsource and validate data faster due to its greater user base, however this is modest.

Navigtion in Car

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: If you want turn-by-turn navigation, both services are identical. Google Maps and Apple Maps will both have a moving indicator that tracks your route, showing the next piece of road and your next command.

Both programmes will estimate your arrival time and distance, which can fluctuate while you drive and if traffic changes. You may report road bumps to notify other drivers of bottlenecks or road closures.

Both applications include voice commands so you may use them while driving. The services are better on their home platform since Siri on iPhones or Google Assistant on Android interacts better with the native app.

Google wins in other areas.

First, you may add pit stops before starting. Apple can help you locate a gas station or a restaurant, but Google provides more. Google Maps lets you build up a single route that leaves your job, passes your food shop, and then takes you home.

Google’s new route choices promote fuel economy instead of merely speed or distance.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Public Transporation: Cycling and Walking

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Google is better for vehicles, but what if you’re using public transportation, walking, or biking?

Both services are similar. Both Apple Maps and Google Maps provide accurate public transit information and comparable walking/cycling routes.

Again, Google Maps wins. Using crowdsourced data and historical patterns helps predict service demand. It also shows routes that “Depart at” or “Arrive by” a specified time and the latest public transport option.

In 2022’s upgrades, Apple Maps included e-bike routes (opens in new tab). Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are increasingly popular with commuters since they’re environmentally friendly and not as physically exhausting as traditional bikes. Planning several routes on your iPhone or Apple Watch Ultra for extreme bike journeys might be a big help.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Design

Design is always subjective and personal.

Apple Maps’ layout is cleaner. The map is obscured by its many features. Default map is less cluttered. Background and roads have similar, subdued tones, but your planned routes are highlighted in blue to stand out.

Google Maps is busy. Its streets and backdrops use greens and greys to separate nature and urban regions; important roadways are usually yellow to stand out.

Google Maps’ functionalities are scattered. You’ll discover a search bar and shortcuts for local restaurants, petrol stations, and grocery shops at the top of your phone’s screen. You’ll discover a menu for its various features at the bottom, including the explore and donate options.

It’s a toss-up here between simpler or more feature-packed main screens; it all comes down to which you prefer, though for us Google Maps takes it because it’s just that bit quicker to get directions to where we want to be.
If you bought an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro, there are a few design decisions to make.

Apple Maps instructions will appear on the Pro’s always-on display. You may read directions, arrival time, and remaining distance without unlocking your phone and draining its battery.

Google Maps is adding lock screen functionality to iOS 16 devices so you can receive directions to your favourite spots.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Privacy

Apple is the apparent winner in this area given its dedication to data protection.

Your Apple Maps personal data is saved on your device, so you may remove it anytime you wish. Apple has developed a method to deliver precise instructions and keep your location confidential.

Apple Maps uses a technology called “fuzzing” to hide the path you’re really travelling. When the data reaches a distant server, your Apple ID is no longer associated, offering you anonymity.

Google will use your location data to sell adverts and make suggestions if you let it. This may help you identify relevant stuff, but it’s also disconcerting.

Incognito mode is available, although it’s not as private as Apple’s.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Which one to Choose?

Google Maps is the victor for non-Apple devices.

Apple Maps won’t operate on non-Apple devices. Using an iPhone or iPad will depend on what you value most.

Google Maps is the front-runner since it’s been gathering data and running longer than its competition.

It delivers additional depth and breadth of travel information, making it more dependable.

Apple Maps isn’t far behind and takes privacy more seriously. If your personal data is most important, use Apple’s service.

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