GTA Online Gamers Kudos Swaps to Invite-Only and Private Lobby

GTA Online: saw a spike in players with the launch of the much-anticipated Criminal Enterprise update, which includes new missions and customizations.

Grand Theft Auto Online player counts have risen after a recent update brought private lobby capabilities. At the outset of the epidemic, 200,000 concurrent gamers were common. After GTA Online Criminal Enterprises debuted on July 26 for private and invite-only lobbies, gamers flocked to the servers.

After the patch, which nerfed the game’s most powerful automobile, Oppressor MK 2, GTA Online player figures almost exceeded 200,000 for the first time since July 2021, when Rockstar gave players free money. In the latest version, players gain new Contract Objectives and Operation Paper Trail missions for one to four players. In Operation Paper Trail, players investigate rising gas prices in San Andreas as IAA agents.

GTA Online

GTA Online Praised by Users

The Criminal Enterprises update’s private lobby is praised. GTA Online users may now do commerce in invite-only lobbies, including Sell Missions. Griefers riding Oppressor MK 2 can no longer wreck money runs, nerfed or not. This was a popular complaint regarding the game’s lobby. Increases in Race and Adversary Mode, Premium Race, and Heist payments should also help make money in GTA Online. Changes to gang names and typefaces cost less.

Rockstar fans will appreciate this upgrade to San Andreas’ free-to-play universe. GTA Online’s newest off-roader, Declasse Draugur, was introduced this week, proving the publisher’s commitment to upgrades. As usual, the upgrade boosted the game’s popularity in 2022. While gamers’ reaction is mixed, figures and postings like the one above speak for themselves. The trend is excellent for a game approaching 10 years.

The game relies on upgrades to rejuvenate older players as fresh blood is scarce. While quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes are many, not everything has been fixed. Grand Theft Auto 6 should fix repetitive gameplay and pay-to-win.

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S have GTA Online.

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