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GTA Online Gamers Kudos Swaps to Invite-Only and Private Lobby


GTA Online saw an upswing in players after the release of its much-awaited Criminal Enterprise update with new missions and customization options.

Grand Theft Auto Online player counts have skyrocketed following an update that introduced private lobby functionality, with up to 200,000 concurrent gamers frequenting servers at any one time prior to GTA Online Criminal Enterprises being made available as private and invite-only lobbies on July 26. Since that day, players have flocked towards them.

GTA Online’s player figures reached nearly 200,000 again for the first time since July 2021 when Rockstar gave away free money. Players in GTA Online now gain new Contract Objectives and Operation Paper Trail missions designed for one to four players at once; during Operation Paper Trail missions players investigate rising gas prices as IAA agents in San Andreas.

GTA Online

GTA Online Praised by Users

Criminal Enterprises update’s private lobby has received widespread praise. GTA Online players now enjoy doing commerce in invite-only lobbies, such as Sell Missions. Griefers riding Oppressor MK 2 no longer disrupt money runs with unnerfed rifles like Oppressor MK2, which had long been an issue in this game’s lobby. Increases to Race, Adversary Mode Premium Race payments, Heist payments should help players earn extra income in GTA Online while changing gang names or typefaces will cost less.

Rockstar fans will appreciate this upgrade to San Andreas’ free-to-play universe. GTA Online introduced Declasse Draugur as its latest off-roader this week – as expected, this upgrade increased game popularity during 2022 despite mixed reactions among gamers; as evidenced by figures and postings like those above; an amazing trend considering GTA Online recently turned 10!

Grand Theft Auto 6 relies on upgrades to retain older players as there is not as many fresh blood entering the scene. Although quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes have taken place, not everything has yet been fixed; further work needs to be done regarding repetitive gameplay and pay-to-win systems in Grand Theft Auto 6.


GTA Online can be found across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S consoles.

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