The Cloud of Daggers 5e: Guide to Using the Spell


The Cloud of Daggers 5e: A lot of myths have grown up around the spell. This manual was written to shed light on the subject and address any concerns you may have. Not only is 5e’s Cloud of Daggers potent, but it’s also greatly undervalued.

By invoking the Cloud of Daggers conjuration spell, one can surround an area with a wall of immobile daggers, effectively locking in or trapping foes at a distance. In this manual, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this attack and the different scenarios in which it will be useful.

The Cloud of Daggers 5e

What is the Cloud of Daggers Spell?

You generate a cube of air with a radius of 5 feet on each side, filled with spinning daggers, and centred on a spot anywhere in the area. When a creature starts its turn in the area affected by the spell, or when it enters the area for the first time that round, it takes 4d4 cutting damage.

The Upper Tiers. This spell deals an additional 2d4 damage for every spell slot level above 2nd used when cast.

The use of this assault is not limited to just one category, though; it is shared by a couple of subclasses. The Eldritch Knight Fighter and the Arcane Trickster Rogue are both subclasses. This magical assault is particularly useful for the Eldritch Knight Fighter.

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What occurs when the spell is used?

A cube 5 feet on a side is immediately engulfed in spinning daggers when you cast Cloud of Daggers. Within a range of 60 feet, the centre of gravity of the cube and daggers will be wherever you choose to put it.

A creature taking 4d4 cutting damage when it enters the cube’s area. If the creature begins its turn inside the cube, however, it will only take damage if this is the first time that turn.

Like Fireball, this spell’s damage scales as it is cast from a higher spell slot. If you use a slot other than the second, the damage output will increase by 2d4 per slot above the second.


It is important to remember that all of this harm is assured. Cloud of Daggers deals 4d4 slashing damage and there is no saving throw to reduce this to 2d4. There is a strong resemblance to Magic Missile in this effect. The victim takes damage from the magic missiles even if they manage to make a saving throw or to hit roll.

  • Concentration
  • 60 seconds
  • 3 components
  • 4x4d damage
  • 2d4 every slot above 2
  • Level 2 conjuration spell

How to use Cloud of daggers?

Blocking off an escape route

The 60-foot range of the spell allows you to frequently attack an opponent from behind. When engaged in fight in a tight space like a corridor or a cave, this strategy can prove useful.

Try to picture yourself battling a horde of fleeing goblins, skeletons, or zombies. Casting this 5x5x5 spell behind an opponent means they must charge headfirst into the wall of knives, taking heavy damage to their HP in the process.

Do a lot of damage by keeping enemies still.

Due to its high single-target damage and strong scaling with character level, Cloud of Daggers is the best DnD spell in 5e.

Maintaining focus on the end goal will help you produce the desired results. To do this, you can either grapple the creature and hold it in place inside the cube of daggers, or use a web to trap it in situ. As soon as the target begins its turn in the cube of spinning daggers, it will take 4×4 points of cutting magical damage.

Hit numerous opponents at once

There are 125 cubic feet in a Cloud of daggers. If your DM is making use of a grid, the area affected by the spell is limited to no more than four squares. That means you can strike up to four foes at once, depending on their size. In this case, “humans” can mean either humanoids or actual humans.

When not dispelled, the Cloud remains in place for 60 seconds. However, this figure might be significantly greater if your DM has sent a horde of monsters at you, especially if they are just running through blindly.

Merge it with an Eldritch blast

One of the strongest level 2 spells a Warlock can have in 5e is “cloud of daggers.” You can have your warlock use this attack in tandem with Eldritch blast variations. You can use the Agonizing Blast as your bonus action if you have the quickened spell first. Once you have your Cloud of daggers set up, you can utilise the magical Repelling Blast to blast your victim.

On its turn, the creature will take damage from the daggers. Then, if the monster escapes the cube of knives by running, you can easily bring it back in by casting Grasp of Hadar.

Advantages of The Cloud of Daggers 5e

  • It’s a good choice for anyone who needs a basic security layer. Particularly so if you don’t want to put in a lot of time getting ready.
  • The cloud of daggers spell can be cast fast, and its effects will be felt by the caster in a matter of seconds.

Disadvantages of The Cloud of Daggers 5e

  • The Cloud of Daggers 5e, like moonbeam, is a concentration spell with a short duration of 60 seconds. No further time can be added. However, if you can get rid of it or let your mind wander, you can shorten the time required.
  • The daggers are immobile; once cast, they will stay put. So, you’ll have to dispel them and cast a Cloud of daggers elsewhere as you can’t relocate them.
  • The attack can’t be used unless it involves all three elements (verbal, somatic, and material). In order to utilise this magical attack, your character must also be able to speak aloud, walk around unrestricted, and possess a little piece of glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Twined Spell be used on a Cloud of Daggers?

No! You can only use Twinned Spell on a spell that only affects one creature.

Is the damage from Cloud of Daggers magical?

Yes. Cloud of Daggers is a spell, so the damage it does is considered magical slashing damage instead of normal weapon damage.

If I cast Cloud of daggers, will it deal damage?

When cast, “cloud of daggers” can do damage. This only works if the target travels into the Cloud at the time the spell is cast. As for example, if you cast a spell with a magical pulling or pushing effect as your bonus action, this only occurs if the creature was already in motion when your turn began. If there is no other way, the target will incur damage during its turn.

How often does Cloud of Daggers strike?

On the first cast, Cloud of Daggers will hit twice, once when it is cast and again when the creature it was cast around starts its turn.

Tips For New Players

  • A concentration spell is a type of magic that needs the person who casts it to keep their mind on the magic. If the person who casts the spell loses focus or can’t keep it up, the magic won’t work.
  • Conjuration spells can do a lot of different things, like call up a powerful guardian spirit or pull something from another plane of existence. The level 5 conjuration spell is the best example of what a conjuration spell is. Use the spell “Conjure Element” to get an elemental to fight for you.

Final Words

As impressive as Cloud of Daggers is, it does not get nearly enough praise. There is a lot of force in this overlooked magical assault. It is recommended that Dungeons & Dragons players add the conjuration spell at the second level to their spellbook.

The Cloud of Daggers spell has multiple applications, including closing off a region and dealing with hordes of mindless zombies. It can also be used to run away from an enemy, giving the caster valuable time to heal after being hurt. If you’re looking for information on other underappreciated magical attacks, our Magic Stone 5e guide is a good place to start.

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